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Commer Camper/van Opportunity

November 26, 2016 | News

So… after buying out the ex I am now the proud sole-owner of a very beautiful, charming 1968 Commer camper/van. This van was purchased two years ago for nostalgic/sentimental reasons as my grandparents owned a very similar vehicle back in the day and spent many happy weekends in the ‘passion wagon’ on the beach in Lyme Regis and the like. It’s a rare van, a British van that was previously used by British Telecoms and The Post Office as delivery vans. You don’t see many of these on eBay… VWs a-plenty! The American company Dodge bought out Commer in the 70s and they continued to produce similar looking models before moving onto the more American-looking trucks.

A lot of money has been spent on this van, although you wouldn’t think that to look at it!… It’s looking a bit sad, it has to be said, it’s crying out for some love but the engine is brilliant, it has a brand-new MOT and it’s just had it’s welding done so it’s solid and ready to be painted. It needs a full new interior because all the wood was rotting on the original interior, but we have salvaged the gas cooker and there is an awning too that I believe is in relatively good condition. It’s a blank canvas for either a business opportunity or a personal project.

So here’s the thing. I would let this van go for £4k (no less) OR I would enter into negotiations re giving this vehicle the pampering it needs and getting it up and running for commercial purposes (a bar? I do hold a personal license and have a shit-load of alcohol), or perhaps revamping it for wedding transport? Open to offers! All to be promoted under the Doily Days umbrella. Any interested parties would need to have £4k available (for a 50/50 share), ideas, perhaps carpentry/mechanical expertise… It could be very exciting? I don’t have the funds to take this van onto the next level but I do have a great platform from which to promote wedding-related services, a personal licence (as mentioned previously) and lots of hospitality experience.

Who’s interested?

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