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Supplier Spotlight – Daydreamer Creative Studio

Today I’ve featured Daydreamer Creative Studio. A small business I’ve been crushing on for sometime. And it looks like most of the wedding industry have too… they’ve been involved with some super-cool styled shoots! I chatted to owner and founder Tanya about her creative business. Read on my friends. Tanya has sewn from a young age, she was taught by her great auntie. She studied Fashion Design at university and has worked in the fashion industry ever since. Tanya had her very own DIY wedding in Sept 2019 and (in her own words) “went a bit OTT”. She designed and…

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Rubbish Portraits by Lucie Sheridan

Rubbish Portraits is a live art installation, the brainchild of Bristol-based illustrator Lucie Sheridan. Lucie’s unique booth can be erected anywhere to offer quick, while-you-sit, brush and ink portraits. Full disclosure from the get-go… these portraits aren’t rubbish! They’re simple, charming, and quirky. Your guests will love them and treasure them forever, and I for one have fallen hook line and sinker for the concept. I believe, at a wedding, you need a little ‘something’ to entertain your guests. You just do, the thousands you’ve spent on food and flowers just doesn’t cut it these days, sorry. You need something to stop…

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Q&A with Wedding Photographer Wayne Kahn

Today we get to know wedding photographer Wayne Kahn. We love his skills behind the lens, his images speak for themselves, and he has a unique talent for capturing the essence of a scene; whether that’s love, humour, beauty, innocence… Q. Hi Wayne! Please tell us about your background and how you got into photography. A. I have been doing photography for 18 years now, I started working at a portrait studio but soon pushed myself to be the lead photographer in the studio, and then own my own studio. Throughout the years I’ve shot fashion, lifestyle, portraits and weddings….

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