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Hampshire Boutique – Margaux Mae Bridal

I had a lovely brunch recently with Andrea Dargon of Hampshire-based Margaux Mae Bridal. We chatted about all sorts; how the former PA found her way into the wedding industry through making cakes, her work as Hampshire Brand Ambassador for The Wedding Industry Supplier Network, and the journey that saw her realising her dream and launching her bridal boutique in August. We discussed how Andrea thinks Princess Margaret was the most iconic royal bride. ‘Strong and wild’ is how she describes her. It’s her love for this type of timeless, elegant dress that saw her carefully choosing the designers for…

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What Makes a Hotel ‘Luxury’?

It is easy to get the feeling that ‘luxury’ is an overused word in the travel and tourism industry. Every other hotel you look up proudly describes itself as a ‘luxury’ destination, leaving would-be guests with a very valid question – what actually counts as luxury? When you look up the definition of luxury, the Oxford Dictionary has it as: “a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.” So, it’s no great surprise that so many hoteliers would want to describe their establishment as a luxury venue. Comfort, after all, is surely one of the non-negotiables…

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Q&A with Tarryn du Plessis Photography

Today we have the pleasure of getting to know Hampshire-based photographer Tarryn du Plessis. We find out about her African heritage, how she’s inspired by everyday life and how she loves to capture an emotional story through her wedding photography… Q. Please tell us about when your love affair with photography started. A. While growing up my family would spend each Christmas travelling throughout Africa. During one trip to Namibia I climbed onto the roof of my father’s Land Rover and took a photo of the sunset. It was the most beautiful blend of pinks, oranges and blues. This was…

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