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Booking Entertainment for an Intimate Wedding

More and more couples are opting to have intimate weddings, and it’s not surprising why. When you have 100+ guests, the day can go by in a blur. You’re so caught up talking to a million people, making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy, that most couples barely remember their day. Plus, let’s not forget how expensive a big wedding can be. Micro weddings allow time for more meaningful moments, more personal touches and more money for the things you really want! That includes music, because even a small wedding needs the right atmosphere. Whether you want a…

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The Wellbeing Benefits of Camping/Glamping

September. How are we all feeling? Personally I am relieved school has gone back. My son and I (and our family and friends) have had a great summer but it’s been a juggling act for sure. It seems very bizarre to me that the sun is shining and it’s scorching hot! When I pictured ‘back to school’ I had long trousers, shiny shoes and brand-new too-big sweatshirts in my mind. But no, he’s off in shorts and Crocs and is emerging a sweaty mess at the end of the day! Today’s blog post is all about the wellbeing benefits of…

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Q&A With Becky from Waves Weddings & Events

August 27, 2021 | Coastal Wedding, Kent Wedding

Q. Hi Becky! We understand you specialise in wedding planning from Margate, Kent to Mobay, Jamaica… that’s quite a combo. Can you tell us a bit about your background and how Waves came about please? A. Yes, it is quite a combo indeed and people often wonder how it all came about, to be honest I have worked in events for years so it’s always been a passion of mine. In 2017 I went travelling and spent some time living and working at an amazing retreat in Jamaica and I literally just fell in love with it there. I noticed…

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