2020 Roundup

December 23, 2020 | Photography, Updates from HQ

It’s my birthday!!!!!! This time last year I was celebrating turning 40 with my nearest and dearest. I’m so glad I threw a party, it just goes to show you never know what’s around the corner. Today I’m going for a walk with a pal and hanging out with my support bubble AKA my sister’s family. Is it possible I might have an early night and be hangover free for Christmas Eve for the first time in years???

(Above photos: Teddy Pig Photography)

I’m over Christmas already. Covid restrictions have toned everything right down so why does it still feel so manic? On Twitter David Baddiel said:

One of the strange things about the sense that Christmas has been cancelled is that the Christmas experience is really just staying in and consorting only with your immediate family and not going out because everything’s shut. The whole year’s been fucking Christmas. – David Baddiel

Sums it up doesn’t it? I’ve had a sense that ‘something’ needed to be done to tone down the extremities of Christmas for a while. My 95-year-old grandmother is spending Christmas alone for the first time in her life. My dad won’t be alone, he’ll be in the company of the brilliant care home staff and residents, but of course he won’t be seeing family. I for one, don’t think a different Christmas for one year is the end of the world (though it does feel somewhat apocalyptic), but everyone’s circumstances are different and I send love to those suffering.

What will next Christmas bring? I think this year has taught us that the future’s uncertain, live in the moment…

Professionally, this year, I’ve hosted two wedding fairs, a styled shoot and an open day. I’ve cancelled five fairs, postponed our first wedding at The Boat Shed and (as the sole employee of Margot’s Wedding) have been in and out of Furlough.

Above photos: 1) Katherine and her Camera 2) Annamarie Stepney 3) Weddings by Tom

Personally, I became an auntie, I became a runner, I spent seven months sober, lost two stone, took up paddle boarding and moved house. I’m preparing to do the sober thing again from January (but quite frankly I don’t know if I have it in me to drink through until 31st December! I might start early).

With an enforced break from bridal photo shoots I was able to indulge in some personal shoots; a FaceTime shoot during the peak of the first lockdown, a liberty photoshoot in the river and a family shoot.

Above photos: 1) Tim Dunk 2) Liberty Photography 3) Teddy Pig Photography

I’ve read some brilliant books, listened to hours and hours of podcasts, discovered new music, discovered Biscoff spread (and discovered I can’t be trusted with it in my house) and dabbled with a little arts and crafts.

Collaging is something I will definitely be taking into 2021 and beyond. I’ve finally got a use for all the gorgeous magazines I’ve hoarded over the years. #arttherapy

Talking of therapy… yup, done that too this year. In some areas of life I’ve tied myself up in knots somewhat. This year I’ve made some positive steps to loosening them. Everything seems freer but it’s a work in progress and I look forward to continuing the never-ending journey of self discovery/development.

May I take this opportunity to offer you a Christmas gift, a link to Margot’s Party Spotify playlist. (Click highlighted text)

And remind you of the poem I recorded this year.

Happy Christmas y’all. See you on the flipside.

Helen x

Featured photo: Teddy Pig Photography


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