2021 Wedding Flower Trends

Direct2Florist examined Google data from March 2020 until now to see which wedding flower trends have seen the biggest increase in UK searches as we head into wedding season post-lockdown.

Seeing an enormous 623% increase, it looks like dried flowers are set to be 2021’s biggest wedding flower trend.

Wendy Rea, florist at Direct2Florist, offered her comments on some of the 2021 flower trends:

Dried flowers, pampas grass and protea arrangements 

“We’re seeing a huge increase for dried flowers in 2021 wedding planning, alongside variants like pampas grass displays and protea arrangements. Dried flowers are surprisingly versatile, lending themselves to vintage and modern weddings whilst still feeling unique. Speak to your florist about mixing options like pampas grass with dried hydrangeas, lavender and roses.”

Local wedding flowers and sustainable wedding flowers

“We’re seeing a huge surge in desire for locally sourced flowers this year, as well as couples looking for sustainable wedding flower options. This could be due to the Covid-19 crisis, either a response to flowers becoming harder to import, or the pandemic inspiring people to support local businesses. We’re noticing an overall trend of the UK becoming more environmentally conscious. The exact reason is unclear, but what is clear is that supporting local is a great idea when it comes to wedding flowers.”

Carnations and cascading bouquets

“After falling out of fashion a few years ago, it looks like carnations are making a surprise comeback in 2021 wedding trends. There’s been an increase in florists and fashion designers working with carnations in recent years, which could explain the change. As for oversized and cascading bouquets, it’s likely that the huge success of The Crown has reminded the public of Princess Diana’s flowing wedding bouquet. Expect to see strong colours and bold flowers – orchids, lilies – that draw the eye to the bride.”

Expressive colours vs earth tones

“Conflicting trends here, possibly two different reactions to the Covid-19 crisis and lockdown. We’re seeing people wanting to go in one of two directions – bold, bright expressive colours as a celebration of life returning to normal or muted earth tones – coppery oranges and rusty terracottas – for those perhaps wanting to take a more muted, understated approach this season.”

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