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5 Tips for Creating Personalised Wedding Drinks

February 12, 2018 | News

Written by Emma Wickstead, owner and founder of Bizarre Bars – an independent mobile bar company.

Your wedding bar menu is the perfect opportunity to add some creativity to your day, especially if your drinks reflect you and your partner’s personality. In this post, I offer my top creative tips on how to plan your very own personalised menu:

1. Practically perfect in every way

You’ve got the perfect dress, the perfect husband and the decorations are perfectly on point, don’t let the drinks bring it down! Nowadays a straw and an umbrella just won’t do. Try dried flowers and edible glitter to sparkle your spritz. Pop a Ball do a great rose gold shimmer for Prosecco – try it out. At Bizarre Bars, we decorate our drinks with flowers, lots of juicy fruit garnishes and even paper photo booth props!

2. The Name Game

This is your day, so it’s about you. If you’re changing your name, you should try a creative play on words with your new name and the drink. Or if you have a themed wedding, think about how your cocktail names can tie in. Recently, we planned a hen do where we designed the cocktail menu and ran the bar. For Alison, the bride, we served up a fruity Mojito called an Ally-Soon-To-Be-Married. It was so simple and she loved it! On that note get your friends involved in the names, bounce ideas off each other…

3. Favours:

Be inspired! Long gone are the days of sugared almonds as wedding favours. Imagine giving your guests their own personalised glass to keep for the night, as a memento of your big day. This doesn’t mean going out and spending lots of money… Ask family and friends to save glass jars which you can decorate with stick-on name tags and ribbons. It doesn’t matter if the jars are different shapes and sizes – the eclectic mix will add a unique and vintage feel.

4. Seek simplicity:

Planning your wedding can be full on, so don’t make your drinks menu stressful. If you are going for cocktails, keep things simple by preparing your chosen mixes beforehand. Source enough large 5L Kilner jars to fill, then all guests have to do is pour over ice! You don’t have to tailor every drink on the menu just focus on one or two!

5. Think outside the box… get rid of the box!

We’ve all had a rum and coke before… Try adding a black cherry flavour to spice it up in a simple way! Buy some simple flavoured syrups and experiment – this is the fun part! At the moment I’m really loving the William Fox syrups, since it’s a local company to me in Liverpool.  Love Mojitos? Mix it up; use gin instead of rum! If you’re having a retro wedding, ‘Can-it’ cocktails (cocktails served from tin cans) could be very cool.


About Bizarre Bars; Our mission at Bizarre Bars is to add a unique flare to your big day. With our quirkily designed mobile bars, we make your planning simple. We also offer the option of live music with your bar which takes the headache out of sourcing and finding your own entertainment.

Find us on Instagram @BizarreBars

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