A Colourful Wedding Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Rainbows…

When I saw this shoot it was no surprise to learn it was Photography by Vicki‘s concept (if you’ve seen her website or social media you’ll know why… she’s the queen of colour).

In lockdown Vicki spent time researching colour combinations from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. She found the colour clashes evoked memories from family and childhood photo albums.

The clashes seemed fearless and Vicki wanted to see how combinations from these eras could work in the wedding industry.

It was an experiment to move away from typical wedding colours.

These colour combos provide inspiration to couples who want to embrace colour, but don’t necessarily want a rainbow palette.

As a collective, Vicki, Steph (florist) and Beth (from the barn) are keen to challenge the industry, pushing boundaries and exploring new potentials which allow couples to do their wedding, their way.

Venue: www.thebarnatavington.co.uk

Photography: www.photographybyvicki.co.uk

Flowers: www.facebook.com/rabbitandtherose




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