All the Fun of the Fair – Traditional Carousel Hire

I feel like I’ve seen it all when it comes to weddings. Trends come and go and what’s hot this summer might be old news next year… but some things are here to stay. I’m thinking ice cream vans, photo booths, hog roasts… and yup you guessed it – carousels.

Today our ‘supplier spotlight’ is on family-run business Eddy Leisure who offer carousel hire, as well as other fairground rides and equipment throughout the UK.

There’s just something so cool about the patterns and colours on carousels isn’t there? The classic reds and golds, traditional lettering and fairground lighting. And then of course there’s the fairground music that accompanies the ride. A feast for the senses! Add to this a beautiful happy couple in traditional bridal wear, complete with colourful bouquet, and you’ve got a picture-perfect photograph. Doesn’t it just conjure up feelings of nostalgia and the great British seaside?

Not only do carousels offer a great photo opportunity for the happy couple and all their guests, but they work fantastically as a large prop for outdoor weddings, or in the grounds of a prestigious wedding venue. They look good in contrast to traditional white marquees and they really offer that ‘fairground’ feel, especially if you’re having other garden games like coconut shys, hook-a-duck etc. Think of the photos you can get with your guests milling around in the summer sun with Pimms, candy floss and ice creams… your very own fairground wedding! Why not go crazy and book a Helter Skelter too? The guys at Eddy Leisure do them too! Now that really does offer the wow-factor.

Above Photos: Photo Madly

Young children and elderly guests alike will love riding the carousel horses with their unique up-and-down motion. .

If you’re thinking about hiring a carousel for your wedding you’ll need a 50ft x 50ft space. Setup time is approx eight hours and take down time is approx three hours. Carousels can be set-up on grass and the team at Eddy Leisure have army track boards they can drive on, so if the field is soft they can still get to the location and set up without damaging the field. You don’t even need to worry about power as the carousels come with their own super-silent generator.

Contact the team at Eddy Leisure for a bespoke quote for your event.

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