Bespoken Events Fair

Bespoken Events Wedding Fair

February 19, 2018 | News

On Sunday 25th of February, the beautiful Pilgrim’s Rest in Battle are joining forces with Bespoken Events Hastings  to create a small but unique wedding fair for brides looking for some (out of the ordinary) wedding inspiration.

The timber-framed, Elizabethan building lends itself perfectly to rustic and romantic style weddings, and was style for this gorgeous photo shoot by the carefully selected vendors who are taking part on the day.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream was the theme for the shoot and although balmy summer days seemed a million miles away from the stormy day of the shoot, the candlelit venue and all the beautiful work from the original and creative vendors made a magic all of its own.

The whole event has been curated to one theme so it gives couples a real picture of how their wedding day can be. As Tara and Georgina of Bespoken say, “We want to give our brides & grooms the ultimate in inspiration. It can be really stressful trying to pull all the different elements of a wedding together, so our aim has been to make the fair a really inspiring experience.”

Come along, try some delicious food and see the venue by firelight. You can try on dresses in the Bridal Suite, get styling inspiration and chat to The Pilgrim’s Rests owner Amy.

Date: 25th February

Time: 11-6

Address: 1 High Street, Battle, East Sussex

Photos by Georgina Piper


  1. The Pilgrims Rest
    Facebook: @pilgrimsrestvenue
    Instagram: @pilgrimsrest_battle2.  Tara Deighton Bridal & Bespoke
    Facebook: @taradeightonbridal
    Instagram: @tara_deighton

    3. Georgina Piper Photography
    Facebook: @georginapiperphoto
    Instagram: @georgina_piper_photographer

    4. Madrugar Millinery
    Facebook: @madrugarhastings
    Instagram: @madrugarmilliner

    5. Natasha Valerie Make Up
    Facebook: @natashavaleriemakeup
    Instagram: @natashavaleriemakeup

    6. Simply Beautiful Wedding Hair
    Facebook: SBweddinghair
    Instagram:  @simplybeautifulweddinghair

    7. Wild Rubus
    Facebook: @wildrubus
    Instagram: @wild_rubus

    8. Boxed
    Facebook: @boxedweddings
    Instagram: @boxedweddings

    9. Gabriella Kinsella
    Facebook: @peopleofspirit
    Instagram: @alunablessings

    10. Lulabelle Wedding Hire
    Facebook: @lulabelleweddinghire
    Instagram: @lulabelleweddinghire

    11. Wedding Rose Videography
    Facebook: @weddingrosevideos
    Instagram: @chloerosepacker

    12. Bunston Bakes
    Facebook: @bunstonbakes
    Instagram: @bunston_bakes

    13. Lynda Loves
    Facebook: @lyndaloves
    Instagram: @lyndaathey

    14. Laslett England
    Facebook: @laslett England
    Instagram: @Lasletts

    15. Mitchell and Millyard
    Facebook: @mitchellandmillyard
    Instagram: @mitchellandmillyard

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