Boat Shed Bride-to-Be!

Today we hear from popular singer Miss Amy Baker as she and fiance Sam prepare to tie the knot at The Boat Shed… over to Amy:

Sam surprised me with a trip to London. I had no idea where we were going but when he took a rucksack out for the day (he hates carrying anything) and then suggested a visit to a park (rather than a pub) I knew something was up!

We took a leisurely walk around Regents Park and then hired a pedalo. Sam climbed onto the back of the boat and wobbled down onto one knee. I stared at him confused and finally said yes! He whipped out a bottle of Moet and we spent the rest of the day at a festival watching the Kooks and Kate Nash.

I had always dreamed of a low key wedding in my Mum’s lovely garden. We had discussed the idea of getting married from early on and we both knew that we didn’t want a traditional wedding. When my sister suggested getting married in a boat shed, I knew it was going to be right up our street. I had sung at Salt café a few times and seen the boat shed in action for a family party so it was easy to visualise what could be done with this unique space.

The first thing we booked was music! We’re both big music fans – I’m a singer and Sam just loves listening to music. We saw an amazing vocalist called Joanna Cooke at a Jazz Festival and we both agreed there and then that if we ever got married, we would book her. We have lots of other music confirmed for the day but I’m not going to give it all away!

I am lucky to sing at so many beautiful weddings so it’s hard not to find lots of inspiration. Our main meal is going to be curry (it’s our favourite food) followed by ice cream and then pizza in the evening. We love bright Indian tones so although the venue has a very nautical feel, our tables will be laid with green, turquoise, coral, mustard and gold colours. We hope to have a ceremony in the boat shed or at Salt café on the jetty overlooking the water, it’s such a beautiful spot.

We know that our day is just going to be a big celebration with no formalities. All our friends love a party, and a drink or two, so we know it’s going to be an amazing day! The only thing that we have to do now is explain the day to my Nan – she still can’t get her head round the fact that we’re all sitting down to a curry!

By Amy Baker

Congratulations Amy & Sam! Margot’s Wedding are managing the weddings at The Boat Shed and we’re hosting a spring launch/wedding fair on 8th March.



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