Book a Treatment and Wedding Consultation at Margot’s!

Would you like to come round and have a deeply relaxing hour-long energy treatment while talking all about your wedding?

As well as my wedding duties I now offer a holistic treatment called Access Bars. Since I trained last month I have done countless treatments and met people from all walks of life. Some like to stay silent throughout the treatment, but some talk throughout and I’ve found the dynamic of a chat in that relaxed environment very powerful. Almost like an informal therapy session!.. For both of us!

I have decided to offer the treatment combined with a wedding consultation. I’ve worked in the wedding industry for more than 12 years now. The information and ideas you could get out of me in an hour might just be very valuable!

Whatever stage of the wedding planning journey you’re at, we can chat through everything and, post appointment, I can send you links to any suppliers/ideas we’ve discussed.

This idea could also work for anyone working in the wedding industry wanting to pick my brains. I’m open to ideas!

More about Access Bars:

Access Consciousness is energy work and the treatment I offer is called ‘Running the Bars‘. The Bars’ are 32 points on the head where you have stored all your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations, emotions and attitudes… over lifetimes. The hard drive of your computer if you will. That’s a lot of ‘stuff’ in your head! It’s a wonder we don’t topple over with all that baggage. Through touching the points on your head I can clear each channel. It’s like clearing the cache on your hard drive so things don’t automatically come up. It’s an hour-long session that basically ‘defrags’ your mind. A laxative for your brain! You start to be more present in your life and the past doesn’t affect your future in the same way.

Your investment = £50.

I currently offer the treatments at my home in Portchester, Hampshire. Come and see me!

Helen x

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