Bridal FaceTime Shoot with Tim Dunk

If Covid affected your business, how did you handle it? Did you cry? Did you moan? Or did you engage your creative brain and think of ways to pivot/thrive?

Until last year Leeds-based Tim Dunk was best known for his creative, alternative wedding photography. When it all hit the fan last year Tim came up with FaceTime photo shoots as a Covid-secure idea to get creative, lift people’s spirits and raise money for a food bank charity.

I took part in a shoot with Tim right at the beginning of the first lockdown. I remember how out-of-sorts I was feeling and how much the shoot cheered me up. Click here to see my photos.

Recently Tim was kind enough to humour my idea to do a bridal shoot via FaceTime and here are the results!

Our model was singer Amy Baker who married Sam last year. She was only too keen to pop on her dress, shoes and accessories for a second time, and she’s used to doing her own hair and makeup for her performances.

Amy will be donning her actual wedding dress next year (please god let next summer be okay!) when her and Sam are finally able to have their Boat Shed reception, a mere two years later than planned.

Tim’s Wedding Photography:



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