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How you can personalise your wedding with a Wedding Celebrant

February 14, 2018 | News

Today we’re thrilled to share expert advice from Lauren Balloch of The Celebrant Directory. If you’re in the dark about what celebrants do, read on!

Over to Lauren:

How many times have you Googled wedding ideas on Pinterest? Let me guess, 100, 200, 1000 times? When it comes to planning a wedding we spend a huge amount of time making sure every little detail is unique and our own. We focus on making sure the invitations, the decorations and every other aspect is all personalised to our individual quirkiness which makes our weddings unique to us…so why stop when it comes to the ceremony?

The special words said on the day that binds you together as a couple is the most important part, surely? So why does it often get missed?

Wedding Celebrants to the rescue!

Wedding Celebrants are seriously popular now in the UK. They create stunning, unique wedding ceremonies and can officiate them in any location. It’s all about personalisation; every inch of your ceremony is tailored to you!

What’s even better is that you can meet your Celebrant prior to the day so you’ll have a special connection with them when they arrive for your ceremony.

Are we legally married with a Celebrant?

Indeed with a Celebrant, you do need to sign the marriage license in front of a registrar. This can be booked as a signing appointment and you are usually in and out within 20 minutes. It’s that easy. Exchanging your rings and saying your vows are all left for your Celebrant-led wedding so you are free to have your dream ceremony wherever you like!

These are just some of the ways you can add that extra personal touch to your wedding ceremony with your chosen Celebrant:

Your Vows – Having your wedding led by a Celebrant means you can choose what you want to say, when and where you want to say it, how loud, how silly or gushy – basically you can personalise it to the max! You are free to write your own vows, which can be so much fun putting together! ‘I promise to always make you breakfast in bed every Sunday’..oh yes, classic!

Location – It also means you can hold the ceremony wherever you want! How exciting is that?! You aren’t restricted to licensed venues therefore you can have your ceremony on the beach, in a rustic old barn, a flourishing woodland or somewhere meaningful to you as a couple. The possibilities are endless!

Symbolic Rituals – You can also add in fun rituals too such as Handfasting, sand ceremonies, planting, lighting candles, whatever takes your fancy. Adding a visual representation of your marriage through any of these rituals is an awesome way to make that bond with the option to get family and friends involved too. What could be more special than that?!

Using a Wedding Celebrant to officiate your wedding is such a cool way to make sure your big day is exactly how you dreamed it – no matter how wacky or outrageous your idea is, Celebrants are more than happy to join in and make it happen!

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by Lauren Balloch



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