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Rubbish Portraits by Lucie Sheridan

Rubbish Portraits is a live art installation, the brainchild of Bristol-based illustrator Lucie Sheridan. Lucie’s unique booth can be erected anywhere to offer quick, while-you-sit, brush and ink portraits. Full disclosure from the get-go… these portraits aren’t rubbish! They’re simple, charming, and quirky. Your guests will love them and treasure them forever, and I for one have fallen hook line and sinker for the concept. I believe, at a wedding, you need a little ‘something’ to entertain your guests. You just do, the thousands you’ve spent on food and flowers just doesn’t cut it these days, sorry. You need something to stop…

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The Mother of all Weddings at Wilderness Festival

The Mother of all Weddings was held at Wilderness festival last summer. It was a very special gathering and today we have an interview with organiser Stephanie Pollard from Sunday Assembly. Q. Can you tell us about Sunday Assembly? A. Sunday Assembly is a global network of secular communities that celebrate life following the motto “Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More”. There’s a basic format to our assemblies, which includes meaningful themes, sing-alongs to pop and rock tunes (we put the lyrics up on a screen like karaoke), a main speaker giving a TED-style talk, poetry, and members of the…

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Holly & Ed’s Wedding at Botley Hill Barn

Today we’ve featured a classic, timeless wedding featuring some of the best wedding suppliers in Surrey. We LOVE Holly’s wide leg jumpsuit, and we like how they kept things simple but bucked traditions to make the day their own… Q. What was the theme/style for your big day? A. It was really important to us to keep the day as relaxed and as true to us as possible. We leant heavily on our suppliers and their knowledge of the venue to pull together a simple and cosy look that worked well for the time of year, but also didn’t cost…

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Dolly Alderton Talks Weddings in Sunday Times Style

May 6, 2021 | Love, Marriage, Party, Wedding

I always get the Sunday Times and it usually takes me the whole week to work my way through the supplements. A couple of weeks ago they featured I Do! The Cool Bride Guide in The Sunday Times style. I really enjoyed Dolly Alderton‘s piece and wanted to share some snippets with you because her writing is just so evocative… and I think we all need to be transported back to BC weddings, even if only in a literary sense for now. Nothing represents the freedom of life before Covid more than a wedding: train journeys, tightly packed churches, hundreds…

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The Boat Shed – London Warehouse Vibes by the Sea

Blog posts have been boat shed-heavy lately… but that’s just because we’ve got so much great content at the moment! We were eagerly awaiting the professional edited photos from our recent Boat Shed open day and boy, Weddings by Tom, did NOT disappoint. At the open day we really wanted to showcase the space and demonstrate how it could look for an event. We set up the space for a photo shoot back in March with a kitsch, colourful theme and this time I wanted something a little different. I still wanted the relaxed/rustic look because, lets face it, it…

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Q&A With Freight Train Runners

If you’re looking for a wedding band in Hampshire you must check out Freight Train Runners. They’re amazing! The video at the bottom of the post is testament to their talent… and a brilliant first dance song choice. Q. How long has Freight Train Runners been around? A. We’ve been together since 2016. Q. How did the band form?  A. I put the band together myself by inviting musicians I had worked with previously to join. I wanted to start something with a fresh and different take on set list choices. Q. What are your backgrounds? And do you all…

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Back Garden Wedding – Nicki and Joel

Recently, Hampshire-based wedding photographer Jason Williams provided a guest blog post for us. His Top Five Wedding Venues in Hampshire. His curve ball suggestion was ‘your own back garden’. “Let’s be real” says Jason, “weddings cost an awful lot, so it’s a great way to save serious moolah”. Jason is booked for three back garden weddings this year and these photos of Nicki and Joel’s back garden wedding last summer demonstrate what you cam acheive. Over to bride, Nicki… Q. What was the theme/style for your big day? A. A ‘summer garden party’. After the ceremony, we held our reception…

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Margot’s 70s Dessert Trolley

I didn’t feel well at the weekend so I spent plenty of time cocooned in a blanket on the sofa. Usually when I’m in this type of hibernation mode I go down an Instagram inspiration rabbit hole. Things I love: fun, parties, food, colour, nostalgia, theatre, quirk. What did I find that ticked all these boxes and got me excited? Retro desserts. Why oh why don’t we still have dessert trolleys like back in the seventies? Well, let me tell you guys, we can. I’m bringing it back for weddings. Big trifles to dig into, black forest gateaus, pineapple upside…

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Rose Tinted Weddings

My business started out as a ‘vintage’ wedding business. It started with a single vintage china side plate and grew to a huge hire collection. The business was called Doily Days back then. I did other things but ‘vintage’ was always the theme holding it together. Two years ago when I rebranded to Margot’s Wedding, the idea was the business would become… well, less vintage. We’d evolved and we wanted the brand to represent that. For me, even at the beginning it wasn’t about being vintage as such, I was never a vintage aficionado. It was just about adding elements…

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Margot’s Party

Happy New Year! I’m definitely easing myself back in gently… I’m feeling rather fragile. I’ve caught up with my emails and I’m scheduling some blog posts but I won’t be back with full force until next week! Christmas is hectic isn’t it? I think it’s too much. Who do we talk to about toning it down? My December also involves my son’s birthday and my birthday so I get an extra amount of overwhelm! It’s been a brilliant one but my word I’m glad to be getting back to normal. Next week you can expect more news of our next…

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