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Q&A with Wedding Photographer Wayne Kahn

Today we get to know wedding photographer Wayne Kahn. We love his skills behind the lens, his images speak for themselves, and he has a unique talent for capturing the essence of a scene; whether that’s love, humour, beauty, innocence… Q. Hi Wayne! Please tell us about your background and how you got into photography. A. I have been doing photography for 18 years now, I started working at a portrait studio but soon pushed myself to be the lead photographer in the studio, and then own my own studio. Throughout the years I’ve shot fashion, lifestyle, portraits and weddings….

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Q&A with Hampshire Wedding Photographer Sarah Hoyle

Sarah Hoyle is a down-to-earth, nature-loving, wedding photographer from Hampshire. Natural, relaxed and honest photography is her thing… I caught up with her to dig a little deeper and find out what inspires her, and where her passions lie. Q. Hi Sarah! Please tell us about your background and how you got into photography? A. I was a teacher of Art and Photography for 12 years! I started my business alongside the teaching job when I went on maternity leave with my first child, then when I had my second I gave up teaching all together and dived into full…

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Eco Folksy Bridal Shoot

Hampshire-based photographer Sarah Hoyle coordinated this shoot as a way to portray the values of her brand which is all about simple living and sustainability. “The shoot had a folksy feel to it” explains Sarah “I described it as being a mix between Poldark and Mumford and Sons!” Sarah brought together a team of suppliers with the same ethical and environmental values, to create a shoot that was eco-friendly and sustainable. The venue, Gilbert White’s House in Hampshire, is classed as an eco-friendly wedding venue so it was the perfect choice. They also have their own in-house brewery so the table…

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Getting to know Scott Morey Photography

Today we get to know Hampshire-based photographer Scott Morey. He explains how other people’s creativity inspires him, how you’ll mainly find him in the woods when he’s not working, and how his ideal clients are probably tearing up the rule book when it comes to wedding traditions… Q. Hi Scott! I’d love to hear about your background and how you got into photography? A. Being a hobby photographer and also a family man, I was forever taking photos of my children. It didn’t take long before I had friends and family asking if I could get similar shots of their…

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Personal Branding with Natasha Jay Photography

November 8, 2021 | Photography

If you’re a small business, in any industry, your customers are going to want to see the face behind the brand. You need an ‘about’ page on your website, you need social media content and you may choose to include a photo of yourself on printed marketing material… And quite frankly an iPhone photo taken by your sister doesn’t quite cut it. You need a professional to take the photos. A professional photographer knows the backdrops that will work well, where to shoot in terms of light (and what time of day) and they’ll be able to put you at…

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Q&A with Tarryn du Plessis Photography

Today we have the pleasure of getting to know Hampshire-based photographer Tarryn du Plessis. We find out about her African heritage, how she’s inspired by everyday life and how she loves to capture an emotional story through her wedding photography… Q. Please tell us about when your love affair with photography started. A. While growing up my family would spend each Christmas travelling throughout Africa. During one trip to Namibia I climbed onto the roof of my father’s Land Rover and took a photo of the sunset. It was the most beautiful blend of pinks, oranges and blues. This was…

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Vision Workshop for Wedding Photographers

We’re pleased to announce tickets are now LIVE for the much-anticipated wedding vision workshop brought to you by The Wonderous Wedding Fair! After the success of her epic (pre-show) styled shoots, founder Alex Cvijovic decided to organise this workshop to allow more photographers to attend and benefit. (Above photos, all from previous shoots: 1) Chris Barber 2) Weddings by Tom 3) Sam Pharoah) What to expect: Two styling concepts by @lunaandthelane. Three models. Behind the scenes footage captured by @brandysnapphoto. When when? I hear you cry! Tuesday 8th June 2021. Where might this fabulous creative day be taking place? Pylewell…

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Q&A with husband and wife team Ferris & Sloane Photography

Today we catch up with Jessica and Julian Milberg, AKA Ferris & Sloane Photography, to see how they’ve been faring in lockdown, find out what inspires them, and to get an insight as to what to expect from your wedding photos with this duo behind the camera… Q. Hi Jessica & Julian! How are you? No REALLY, how are you? How have you fared on the Coronacoaster? A. Hi Helen! Thanks for asking. Well, I would love to say we are so amazing and have really been bonding as a family etc. BUT, we have a ten-year-old and a puppy,…

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Bridal FaceTime Shoot with Tim Dunk

If Covid affected your business, how did you handle it? Did you cry? Did you moan? Or did you engage your creative brain and think of ways to pivot/thrive? Until last year Leeds-based Tim Dunk was best known for his creative, alternative wedding photography. When it all hit the fan last year Tim came up with FaceTime photo shoots as a Covid-secure idea to get creative, lift people’s spirits and raise money for a food bank charity. I took part in a shoot with Tim right at the beginning of the first lockdown. I remember how out-of-sorts I was feeling…

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I ended up doing an impromptu creative photo shoot on my daily exercise last week! Here’s how it came about. When dreaming up ideas for blog content I thought about the FaceTime photo shoot I did with Tim Dunk waaaay back at the start of the first lockdown. I thought it would be a cool idea to see if we could do a bridal shoot via FaceTime. I contacted Tim and he was in! So then I had a quick think about who our model could be. It had to be someone with a suitable dress and accessories, and someone…

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