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Book a Treatment and Wedding Consultation at Margot’s!

Would you like to come round and have a deeply relaxing hour-long energy treatment while talking all about your wedding? As well as my wedding duties I now offer a holistic treatment called Access Bars. Since I trained last month I have done countless treatments and met people from all walks of life. Some like to stay silent throughout the treatment, but some talk throughout and I’ve found the dynamic of a chat in that relaxed environment very powerful. Almost like an informal therapy session!.. For both of us! I have decided to offer the treatment combined with a wedding…

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From Honeymoons and Hairstyles to Home Help and Holistic Therapy…

July 21, 2021 | News, Updates from HQ, Wedding Fair

Like many of us the last 18 months has changed me. I honestly feel like a different person. I’m in a different place physically, mentally and emotionally. Do you relate? The wedding industry was one of the hardest hit as a result of the Covid pandemic. I had to cancel five wedding fairs, my weddings at the boat shed got postponed and cancelled, and I Furloughed myself. Last year I lived at my sister’s house for months, bought a paddle board, started putting my #sobercurious thoughts into action and moved house in November. Moving into this house was the security…

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Update from the Editor – Home Schooling Hell and Support Bubble Pics

January 20, 2021 | Updates from HQ

Ok, full disclosure, I’ve been crying, my son’s been crying. We’re both tired, we’re not doing school work today, we’re watching our individual devices and doing our best to have some space from each other… In the interest of regular blog content, here are some photos of us (in happier times!) with our support bubble, my sister Sally, her partner Mike and my niece Martha. These photos were taken by Teddy Pig Photography in my hometown of Portchester, Hampshire. Kerry Tongue is one of my favourite photographers in the industry. Check out one of her real weddings here, a recent…

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2020 Roundup

December 23, 2020 | Photography, Updates from HQ

It’s my birthday!!!!!! This time last year I was celebrating turning 40 with my nearest and dearest. I’m so glad I threw a party, it just goes to show you never know what’s around the corner. Today I’m going for a walk with a pal and hanging out with my support bubble AKA my sister’s family. Is it possible I might have an early night and be hangover free for Christmas Eve for the first time in years??? (Above photos: Teddy Pig Photography) I’m over Christmas already. Covid restrictions have toned everything right down so why does it still feel…

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Love Isn’t Cancelled – A Poem

The wedding industry has been all I’ve really known for the last ten years. It’s the career I’ve shaped for myself. I’ve made a life out of parties, celebrations… good times. I’ve made some of my best friends through the industry. Many of my industry friends and colleagues I haven’t seen since last winter, and somehow it’s the winter again and we don’t know when our paths will next cross. Today I spoke to my 95-year-old grandmother on the phone. She’s desperately worried about my work and income. Obviously I don’t want her to worry but I want to tell…

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Updates from Margot’s HQ – Back to Work!

It’s the 1st of July! I’m moving home today after living with my sister for three months and I’m back in FULL work mode from tomorrow. I’m no longer Furloughed so bring it on! I thought today would be the perfect time for a reflective post, a look back on the last three months and a look ahead to the next three/six months. The last three months I’ve been Furloughed from the business since the end of March. All I’ve done is kept up with emails and blog posts (i.e. my statutory obligation as company director to ‘maintain the success…

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