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Weddings & Booze – Observations through a sober lens

I wanted to write a post about weddings and booze because, after years of party girl behaviour, I’ve just celebrated six months sober. Go me! It was my 40th at the end of 2019 and I decided I wanted to attempt a year (2020) off booze (little did I know what was around the corner!) I just never had an off switch. I could never moderate and after one or two drinks I wanted more more MORE. Hangovers were getting harder and the constant boozing wasn’t helping my anxiety (I used to call it hanxiety). I just couldn’t shake the…

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Getting to Know… The Neigh Bar

Today we focus our spotlight on The Neigh Bar, a mobile horsebox bar based in West Sussex. If you’re feeling a bit chilly as the winds whips outside your window, you’ll love the sound of their warming winter drinks. Over to Paul… Q. How did The Neigh Bar come about? i.e. what are your backgrounds? A. The Neigh Bar came about due to my wife Claire’s involvement in the wedding industry as a florist. I liked the idea of something different to bring to the world of weddings and events. Q. How did you decide on a horse box for…

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