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What is it really like to work with a wedding Celebrant?

If you’ve never planned a wedding before the ceremony element might be a little daunting. Where do you even start? What do celebrants actually do? Well today we’re lucky enough to have a guest post from Aggie the Celebrant to talk us through her process. Over to Aggie!.. Using a celebrant has been touted as being a big new trend for weddings – you get a super personal, fun, relaxed, ceremony done by someone who’s truly invested in your wedding. However, it’s still relatively new to a lot of people so I’m going to take you through the process of…

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Mini Weddings and Elopements

Today we have a guest post from much-loved Sussex-based Celebrant Rachael Thompson… At the time of writing the wedding industry has been hit, yet again, with the Coronavirus pandemic capping the number of permitted guests at a wedding to 15, and who knows when normality will resume. There’s no question that the future of weddings is changing. Many couples have been planning a big white wedding, with guests galore, so I appreciate this year’s happening have been a bitter disappointment. But every cloud does indeed have a silver lining, and as I am ever the optimist I’m going to be…

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Supplier Spotlight – Family Tree Ceremonies

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Southampton-based celebrant Diane Bell. We met at Salt Cafe in front of The Boat Shed for a cuppa and a chit chat… and we covered a lot of ground! I loved finding out about Diane’s life and the recent path that led her to become a celebrant. In a former life Diane lived on the Isle of Wight and worked for the prison service. On returning to the mainland she worked in student well-being at Southampton University. It stuck me that Diane’s career has seen her working in very people-focused roles, and…

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Q&A with Celebrant Rachael Thompson

Being a wedding celebrant is such a personal, emotional job. Today we hear how self confessed ‘life lover’ Rachael Thompson got into the professional, and how she loves to spend her days when she’s not working… Q. How did you become a wedding celebrant? A. When my father died 10 years ago I found myself organising the funeral and we had a celebrant to officiate. I found the whole process cathartic and comforting. It was during the ceremony itself when I had my light bulb moment and realised this was something I could do. At the time I had been…

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Down with the Trumpets 

Lucy Dixon set up Lemon Entertainment after eight years working in the music industry. She realised how hard it was to find and book high-quality bands for weddings. Lucy supplies clients with fantastic musicians who make their living from recording and touring with established, well-known artists such as Florence and The Machine and Ed Sheeran.  Lucy says: “I know how to put on a fantastic party, I focus on the details and I know which elements are a must have for a memorable event. If I was to label my style, it would be ‘Luxury with an Edge’. Think House of Hackney meets The Cashmere Jumper or Diptique meets David Bowie.”  Lucy shares her favourite songs for…

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Supplier Spotlight – Celebrant Yvonne Beck

Every love story is unique and deserves a unique ceremony. All families have their own story and sharing life’s major milestones is important… there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. If you’re looking for a personal wedding ceremony, full of meaning and truly representative of you as a couple, celebrant Yvonne Beck can help. We asked Yvonne some questions to find out more about what celebrants do, and what working with her entails… Q. Hi Yvonne! Can you start by telling us about the role of wedding celebrant please? A. A wedding celebrant is trained in providing you with…

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