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Margot’s Wedding is For Sale!

December 18, 2021 | Wedding Industry

Happy Christmas everyone! Only a week to go… until it’s all over (I’m such a bah humbug). With school broken up I now enter the phase of not knowing what day it is or what on earth I’m supposed to be doing. I DO know it’s my birthday on Thursday and I’m going to Brighton with my pals for brunch, shopping and cake. I have instructed everyone the dress code is The Birthday Jumper i.e. the antithesis of the Christmas jumper. I’m going to be 42, I started this business when I was 29 (who remembers our old name Doily…

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Love Isn’t Cancelled – A Poem

The wedding industry has been all I’ve really known for the last ten years. It’s the career I’ve shaped for myself. I’ve made a life out of parties, celebrations… good times. I’ve made some of my best friends through the industry. Many of my industry friends and colleagues I haven’t seen since last winter, and somehow it’s the winter again and we don’t know when our paths will next cross. Today I spoke to my 95-year-old grandmother on the phone. She’s desperately worried about my work and income. Obviously I don’t want her to worry but I want to tell…

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Wedding Industry Personal Branding Event

Back in February (when I still had a brain), I hosted a personal branding networking event with my good friends at Wagner Hall in Brighton. My favourite small businesses are the ones where the owner’s personality shines through and I’m always interested to get to know the person behind the brand… which is why I do ‘supplier spotlight’ and Q&As with wedding suppliers on the blog. I want to know who they are, how they live, what inspires them. I want to know about their background, how they got started, what future plans they’ve got. Am I just plain nosey?…

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Margot and the big C…

March 18, 2020 | News, Wedding Industry

Sorry, it’s another post about Covid 19. I don’t know about you but I’m finding updates from businesses very interesting. The thing with this is everyone’s got a unique set of circumstances so it’s interesting to see what tack people are taking. Although it does seem like choices are rapidly being taken out of our hands. Personally I’m doing what I can today/tomorrow while my son’s at nursery because if (or should I say when) they close, it’s game over… for goodness knows how long. My son Rupert is four and he’s not the kind of kid who plays quietly…

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