Wedding Hair Make Up

Classic, Timeless Beauty…

June 11, 2018 | News

It can be exhausting trying to keep up with trends in the wedding industry… and I think weddings that are too ‘trendy’ can end up looking dated quite quickly. I started out in the industry ten years ago when the vintage/country garden vibe was all the rage; cake stands and bunting galore. Granted a lot of these elements (i.e. vintage china and hay bales) are still used in weddings today, but (although the vintage craze stuck around a fair while) times have changed. My favourite weddings have elements of things that are ‘en trend’ mixed with personal touches (regardless of whether they’re trendy or not) but most importantly they’ll have a cool, classic and timeless look.

Birute Thomas is a make up artist and she feels the same about make up looks:

“I have been using Pinterest a lot lately and whilst happily pining all my favourite images I realised something. Some of the photos were 10 or even more years old and still draw my and millions of other pinner’s attention. So it doesn’t matter about fashion and trends – this incredibly beautiful, expensive, enhancing and defining makeup look for brides is timeless and always will be…”

Wedding Hair Make Up

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