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March 31, 2016 | News

By Rosie Watson, Roses All Over www.rosesallover.co.uk

As a supplier in the wedding industry I’m used to spending time looking after the details of other people’s big days so when it came to organising my own wedding I already had some pretty firm ideas on what I wanted it to look like.

I’m not a naturally ‘crafty’ person so the thought of hand-sewing lavender bags for 80 guests only for them to languish in a sock drawer gathering dust or, gulp – even worse – be LEFT BEHIND ON THE TABLES filled me with dread. They say the devil is in the detail but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours at the kitchen table making tissue pop poms or learning how to write in calligraphy.

What I did want was to put our own personal stamp on the day. And funnily enough, stamping was where we started. We hand stamped luggage labels with each guest’s name and the words ‘Spread the Love’ and tied these around mini jars of jam. That quickly ticked two jobs off the list – place settings and favours.

Vintage handkerchiefs folded in half and pegged onto lengths of garden string became beautiful, original, bunting, which guests were encouraged to help themselves to during the speeches.

A plain white barn wall was transformed into a focal point by three large wooden letters (our initials) that we had drilled holes into and threaded with white LED fairy lights.

None of these details took long to put in place but what made them really special is that my then husband to be and I had spent time together making them – he’s a dab hand at stamping now!

The devil may well be in the detail but you don’t have to be a budding Martha Stewart to pull off personal touches.


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