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Doily Days is for sale!

April 23, 2016 | News

Where do I even start with this blog post? If you’d said to me this time last year I’d be preparing to sell Doily Days I wouldn’t have believed you. I started the business in 2009 and since then it really has been an extension of myself. But SO much can change in a year. This time last year I was living alone in Chichester in a fully styled vintage apartment. I spent my time quaffing fizz and cocktails, social networking my arse off, dressing up for parties, and the business was basically my life… and then I fell pregnant. It’s true Fred and I hadn’t been together for long (4 months. Eeek scandal) but as my 36th birthday approached I was delighted by the (somewhat unexpected) news. It was time for me to hang up my party shoes anyway (my friends would tell you I probably should have hung them up a long time ago).

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I went on two pre-planned trips last spring; skiing in Val D’Isere and 5 days in New York. Not exactly ideal in the first trimester of pregnancy! Trying to keep it under wraps with some heavy duty apres-skiiers wasn’t exactly easy… we did jump the queue for the Empire State Building though.

Last summer we attended some lovely weddings with the bar but again I probably shouldn’t have been hoofing a heavy fridge into a hire van at 1am. Issue 6 of the magazine came out in September and I distributed it as normal, except I had to ask the printer to put it in smaller boxes because I was seven months pregnant! Whilst pregnant I beavered away on the special issue so I was as prepared as possible to take time off for maternity leave… oh and Fred and I moved to Southsea in November (to a sensible three bedroom house with plenty of room for the ever growing mountain of baby stuff).

At midday on 13th December my water’s broke while watching Saturday Kitchen and we made our way to St Richard’s hospital in Chichester. Midway through the 12 hours of ‘text book’ labour (and delightful epidural) Fred popped out to buy Champagne… Hmmmm a bold move. I certainly didn’t fancy the Champagne after an emergency c section, losing 3 litres of blood, having a transfusion and almost ending up in intensive care. But ANYWAY my little Rupsie Ru (Rupert James Hancock) was finally here and boy did he shake things up!

Rupert is 4 ½ months old now and things have fallen into place nicely. We’ve got used to each other and I love him so much it scares me.

So here I am, it’s April, I have three stone to lose, I’m surrounded by baby gyms, Jumperoos, a whole host of sensory items and I’ve decided to sell my business (you were wondering when I was going to get to that bit weren’t you?). Here’s the plan: I won’t be producing a magazine in the autumn but I will be continuing to promote the special issue (which I’m immensely proud of by the way. In my mind it’s the book I always wanted to produce). I will continue with the blog and online adverts until the end of the year (please click here if you’d like to advertise with us). I am organising a wedding fair in Southsea in November with Vintage Parade (details to follow but please contact us if you’re interested in exhibiting) and then that’s it. It’s time for Doily Days to go to a new home… and it’s time for me to do something new. Something part-time that fits in with my new, lovely, family life. I just don’t know what yet. Ideas on a postcard please! All I know is Doily Days has been THE BEST time. I’ve met some amazing people, worked on some hugely exciting projects and given myself experiences that will hopefully stand me in good stead for whatever’s next.

The sale price and what’s included are not available yet but if you’d like to register your interest please contact me.

And finally, here are some pictures of my most memorable Doily Days moments…

Helen x

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