Dolly Alderton Talks Weddings in Sunday Times Style

May 6, 2021 | Love, Marriage, Party, Wedding

I always get the Sunday Times and it usually takes me the whole week to work my way through the supplements. A couple of weeks ago they featured I Do! The Cool Bride Guide in The Sunday Times style. I really enjoyed Dolly Alderton‘s piece and wanted to share some snippets with you because her writing is just so evocative… and I think we all need to be transported back to BC weddings, even if only in a literary sense for now.

Nothing represents the freedom of life before Covid more than a wedding: train journeys, tightly packed churches, hundreds of fingers diving into a platter of food in miniature, crowded dancefloors, hugging elderly relatives, scooping up excitable children, sharing lipstick in a Portaloo, shagging someone you met three hours previously on the bonnet of a car.


I want to back my ass up into a mild-mannered man called Jeremy on the dancefloor while the DJ plays KC and the Sunshine Band. I want to not recognise him the next morning at a BBQ hosted by the mother of the bride as I eat a mountain of potato salad and refuse to take my sunglasses off.

As a 41-year-old recent convert to a sober lifestyle this makes me SO nostalgic for my late twenties when summers were packed with dress shopping, hen weekends, packing into cars to find B&Bs in the Cotswolds and trying to get to the church on time…

Helen x

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