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July 6, 2018 | News

Ladies and Gentlemen, would you like to have a passport to gin-fuelled fun, fashion, music and adventure AND get paid?

The Wind Ups – Gramophone DJ business – is FOR SALE!

The Wind Ups have performed at festivals, weddings, wine symposiums, garden fetes and a wide range of other delightful events (including Margot’s Wedding Christmas party in 2017!). This is a great opportunity to build up a fantastic unique mobile vintage DJ business.

The unique turntables come with 100s of 78 rpm records featuring everything from pre-1920s ragtime right up to tracks from the rock n roll days of the 1950s. Records from Benny Goodman, Ted Heath, Nat King Cole, Fats Waller, Billy Mae, Les Paul and Max Bygraves to name but a few.

Full tackle list:

2 x HMV modified clockwork turntables
2 x Techniques 1210 arms
2 x M44 Cartridge with, specialist diamond stylus.
1 x Shure MCC watertight cartridge case
1 x Numark m101 mixer
1 x SureM58 mic
3 x Phono leads
1 x box of audio connectors
1 x foldable DJ Table
1 x large burgundy crushed velvet table cover

4 x record cases
100s of unsorted 78rpm records in boxes

2 x RCF ART 315 MKIII (active speakers)
2 x Soft travel covers
2 x stands
800 Watt Peak

1 x ElF 16mm Projector (you need to make your own loops)

1 x website
1 x URL
1 x flyer design
1 x business card design

They also have a 1/4 page advert confirmed with us in issue 12 (out September)! This comes with a 6 month online listing within our directory.

This is a great opportunity to get involved in the wedding and events industry.

Please check out the listing here and get in touch with George directly if you’re interested.

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