Fangirling on… All Frills Studio

I had a bit of birthday money knocking about (following my big 4 0 before Christmas) so I’ve booked myself onto a signwriting course at the beginning of March. I’m so excited! I feel like it’s something I really want to give a bash. I love words, I love colour, I love design and I would say I’m a pretty creative person. This could be my calling! I always say if I had my time again I would have gone down the graphic design route.

I want to take the opportunity here to feature a signwriter I’ve been swooning over. Alice runs All Frills Studio, a small creative studio based in Hereford. She specialises in typography and hand painted signs for weddings, businesses, and interiors. 

Alice created the super sassy signage for The Giraffe Shed in Wales (she did the sign and the mural… the below photos are to show how flipping cool the venue is!).

She was also commissioned to create signage for our friend Sally Gallis (Events by Design) for a rock n roll shoot in Brighton.

Ooooooo we love this one… Alice created a sign for photographer Jordanna Marston based on the typography of her logo. Jordanna is one of my favourite photographers because her style is quite simply fun and wholehearted…

Alice been involved with signage for The Un-Wedding show too (who by the way have a show coming up in Shoreditch 4th/5th April).

Pretty cool eye candy huh?




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