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Featured Caterer – The Curated Kitchen

May 31, 2019 | News

Your wedding catering doesn’t have to be a choice between formal silver service or super casual street food, it can be both relaxed and completely luxurious.

The Curated Kitchen specialises in luxurious feasts, grazing tables, and afternoon tea for informal weddings in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London, and beyond. They believe in stripping away the unnecessary formality of traditional event catering, and inspiring guests to feast with abandon in a stylish, laid-back atmosphere.

There’s no reason informal dining should compromise on taste, style, quality or service. The Curated Kitchen focus on beautiful homemade elements and carefully curated, locally sourced, organic and homegrown produce.

A luxurious alternative to formal wedding catering

Creative Director Dani May-McCallum explains that, on her heaving tables, you’ll find typical grazing fare such as local and speciality cheeses, creamy Norbury Blue and Sussex Charmer for example, alongside homemade chutneys and sticky relishes. Jostling for space with salty cured meats, surrounded by handcrafted quiches, towering pies, artisan breads, homemade slaws and fresh organic fruit and salads.

An example of a favourite dessert – smooth and silky organic bergamot lemon syllabub, served with homegrown raspberries. Heaven!

All Dani’s food is dressed with dainty, homegrown, edible flowers. Her aesthetic is simple, clean and decorative with an heirloom twist. Think timeless elegance.

Photo Credits: Helen Warner & And Your Story


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