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Festival Weddings – Get ‘Tipi’ Ready!

May 14, 2018 | News

As the summer months creep up on us the outdoor weddings begin to boom. In today’s guest feature Jennifer from The Celebrant Directory tells us why she loves and tipi and yurt weddings…

There are so many fun ways to set up an outdoor wedding from gorgeously decorated marquees to beautifully transformed back gardens. But one trend we are certainly hoping is here to stay is using tipi’s and yurts!

Why do we love them?

Quite simply, they are so much fun!

Having a tipi or a yurt for your wedding is a gorgeous way to get that summery, festival feel which can be styled and decorated to exactly your taste. That’s one of the great things about tipi’s, they are a fairly blank canvas. From the outside, they all look relatively similar but once you go inside it can be transformed into something really special space that suits you and your partner.

You could go full on festival wedding, bohemian, retro or more

of a summer garden party feel. So however, you want to jazz it up, tipis and yurts can offer you that flexibility to truly put your own stamp on it. They come in all sizes too, so whether you want a small intimate gathering with a few of your closest in your back garden or the full festival shazam filled with dance floors, bars and fire pits there are plenty of companies out there to cater for your every need.

Is there a difference between a Tipi or a Yurt?

A tent is just a tent, right? Tipi’s and Yurt’s are actually quite different in their structures and will overall have a different look. The main difference is a Yurt has walls which is made up of a lattice-like structure which can then support the ceiling whereas a Tipi’s ‘walls’ are structured at an angle which will affect your space and layout inside. Both equally dramatic and beautiful in appearance, but just make sure to do your research first to know exactly the look your getting on the big day.

Can I use a Tipi or a Yurt for the ceremony or is it just the reception?

That’s the beauty of using a Wedding Celebrant to conduct the ceremony, you can have your ceremony wherever you want. You could have the ceremony outside in the glorious sunshine and have the tipi for wining, dining and dancing through the night or you could have everything under one roof! This can be particularly handy if some unwanted rain strikes. Having a tipi or yurt can still be like any other venue and they can be flexible to meet your needs. If you’re looking for a more intimate and cosy ceremony you can decorate the inside with bunting, fairy lights, fresh flowers for a stunning celebration.

Above images by New Forest Studio featuring Beautiful World Tents.

Rain or Shine…They are still awesome!

Now we all know how unpredictable the British weather can be, by why let that stop you having the summer wedding of your dreams. Tipi’s and Yurt’s can sustain rain or shine but when considering the rainy potential, make sure you have enough space inside! By that we mean enough space that people can still have an amazing time. Enough room to dance, sit down and rest their feet, catch up with friends…and not be squished in like sardines because you were counting on people flowing in and out into the sunshine. Some companies even include a wood fire for those slightly colder evenings whether that be to snuggle up in a blanket or get toasting some marshmallows – sounds perfect to me!

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of tipis and yurt hire company’s out there on the market that can tailor to your festival inspired wedding needs. So, whatever your style may be, there is a lot of fun to be had in the world of tipis.

By Jennifer Constant

Founder of The Celebrant Directory

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