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First Dance Waltz

January 20, 2018 | News

Today we bring you a lovely feature (and video!) about a couple determined to pull off a stunning first dance and wow their guests. Over to Laura from First Love Dance:

When I met Tom and Anna in their home, they both had a really clear idea of the type of dance they wanted. They wanted to achieve a first dance that was romantic, elegant and traditional, and nothing could be more perfect to fit that description then a waltz.

They had already chosen a beautiful song Backroads Redux Version by Lonely The Brave which worked really well.

The pair had already tried to learn a few basic moves from trusty YouTube tutorials (which can go either way in my book as there are a lot of great tutorials and a lot of dodgy ones). I wouldn’t get a chance to find out their skills until the first session, but from their general energy and passion about their first dance I knew this was going to be something special.

In the first session with my couples, particularly couples that are doing a whole song, I like to teach as much choreography as possible so we can refine in later sessions. The first session can also be hugely nerve racking for couples. However, as soon as we got to work learning the first steps Tom and Anna picked everything up quickly and even remembered the names of the steps we were learning from their YouTube tutorials. Not long into our first session I realised Anna was a much like myself, an absolute perfectionist! Anna really wanted get all the little details straight away and for it to flow smoothly.

By the second session I sensed this couple really wanted to be challenged, especially Tom, who wanted to spin and turn as much as Anna. We started learning Pivot Turns, which to my luck was the perfect challenge as this move requires absolute team work and lots of practise. By the next session they had done just that and came into their third session feeling quite impressed with themselves.

By the fifth session, our last before the wedding, Tom and Anna had perfected their dance. We had a really relaxed session, and it was so lovely to watch the pair dance their first dance with no worries about choreography or anyone watching them. They could even hold a conversation about something entirely different throughout the dance and still perform the choreography right. By this final lesson Tom and Anna had really settled into the style of dance and excitement was really building for the wedding. Especially, as the couple had decided (weather permitting of course) to do their first dance outside on the terrace in front of the beach, with their guests standing on a balcony above them (swoon!!!)

Luckily, the weather was on their side and they pulled off one of the most romantic first dances I have seen. Tom and Anna said “everyone was in tears” Tom’s mum was apparently sobbing so hard she inspired a mass group hug at the end of the dance.

This first dance will be remembered for years to come. Congratulations Tom and Anna.

By Laura Mendes

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