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November 10, 2018 | News

Need some inspiration for your big day menu? Will you go for comfort food, sophistication, DIY, exotic or keep it local? (Extracted from issue 12) here are some ideas from our favourite local catering companies…

Above photos: Carrie Lavers.

“We planned and sourced the whole menu for our own wedding. Starters were British antipasti; cured meats, local cheeses and incredible olives. Main course was slow cooked shoulder of grass-fed hogget, served with slow roasted potatoes and salads picked straight from the farm that morning. Dessert was salted chocolate brownies with New Forest strawberries and organic vanilla ice cream.”

– Daniel Nowland

Above Photos: The Garden Chef.

‘’We have loved creating traditional pie and mash for our beautiful wedding customers. Served on our notoriously mismatched crockery; a unique pie on creamy mash with minted mushy peas and onion gravy to accompany… always goes down a treat! Large Pork Pies and mini cana-pies have taken centre stage at our evening buffets when the party of dancing to favourite records needs a much deserved break!’’

– Tasha Solanki

Above photos: Provided by The Garden Chef. Left Merry Michau Photography

“Our most popular foodie treat this year have most definitely been our ‘Pimp Your Pud Bars!’.  Top favourites have been ‘Pimp Your Doughnut and Brownie Bars’ where guests get to add a whole manor of sugary delights to their baked treat. YUM!”

– Maryanne Petryszyn

Above Photos: Gastro Catering (centre photo by Lesley Burdett).

“It was awesome watching people enjoy the hands-on experience of putting together tacos from a ‘build-your-own’ selection of beautifully cooked fillings, all presented on our themed Mexican food station. It worked perfectly as an exciting and interactive evening food option!”

– Callum Alexander-Lindsay

Above photos: Left Caiger & Co, centre MonAnnie Cakes (photographed by Lesley Burdett), right The Icing on the Cake.

“We love bringing Asian influences into our wedding planning – from pared back crockery & gold cutlery to sushi stations & kimchi canapes, we’re constantly inspired.”

– Holly Arnold

Above photos: provided by The Garden Chef. Right: Rich Paige Photography.

“We are so utterly passionate about wedding food, we want it to be unique to each couple; colourful, vibrant, delicious, fresh and beautiful. It makes such a difference to the day when people are excited about what they have eaten, are queuing up to take pictures of the puddings, sharing their dinners on Instagram! The more of ‘you’ you put into the food the more memorable it is. Go wild, create a menu that’s all about you and your friends will never forget it!”

– Rebecca Cook

Above photos: The Garden Chef.



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