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May 25, 2018 | News

Caiger & Co. Guest Post

WE LOVE WEDDINGS! Of course we do, that’s why we’re here. And if you’re anything like us here in the Caiger & Co. kitchen, the thought of wedding planning means instantly thinking about the ‘do’, the ‘party’ or the ‘shindig’, and for us that means, food & drinks!

We’ve got to be honest, food is a bit of an emotive subject and we find that couples often worry about the wrong things when it comes to wedding food. This is usually because they feel that they have to please a huge number of people with their choice of menu, which is of course nigh on impossible. You’ve probably found that most people have an opinion or you’re already well aware of people’s requirements… auntie Sue would never eat salmon, granny doesn’t understand sharing plates, the bridesmaids are not eating carbs, your brother’s a vegan and your mother-in-law is a pescaterian. So where on earth do you begin?

Our top tip when deciding on the menu is have have something you really want and that you’ll really enjoy. Wedding food (and the service of it), will be a focus of the day, so it’s really important that it reflects you as much as your choice of dress or venue does. We think that wedding menu planning could, and should, be one of the most fun parts of the planning process. After all, what could be better than thinking of all of the things you most like to eat, bringing them all together in one fantastic menu and doing a tasting along the way?

Here are some of our top tips on how to have what you really want, things to think about along the way, and then finally, some of our top wedding food trends too:

To theme or not to theme? It’s likely that you might have a colour theme or a theme that’s in-keeping with your venue, for example. When thinking about the food it’s also helpful to consider the theme, even it’s really loose, it’s good to have this as a bit of a focus.

Taking inspiration for your wedding food from a meal you might have enjoyed on holiday or your heritage, are really good places to start. Food is really evocative, so there will more than likely be some memories of your relationship that feature food, even if that’s a beans on toast breakfast in bed when you first started dating.

Do you have fond memories of travelling to Spain on holiday and eating wonderful plates of tapas, charcuterie and tortilla? Or are you having a winter wedding and looking to conjure up the very best of British comfort food with sausages & lashings of the creamiest mash followed by crumble with custard? Perhaps you’re getting married by the coast & want to have a seafood feast on the table for everyone to share? A Keralan Feast, an Australian inspired beach BBQ or a vodka & caviar canapé menu are all worth thinking about & can all really easily be worked into the planning for your day.

Gorgeous crockery, serviceware & glassware are really simple ways to make bring in your overall wedding theme too. Our current favourite is to dress the tables with some wonderful coloured glass to really make your tables POP!

Family style, canapés or plated? By this we mean do you want things served to the middle of the table for everyone to share? Think large Ottolenghi style platters or whole pieces of meat e.g. a rib of beef or a roast chicken served to the middle of the table with a selection of great sides. These will go down really well & be a great ice breaker for tables where people might not know each other.

Offering street food & food stalls or stations for your guests is obviously a slightly more informal way to cater for your wedding, and they have become one of the choices du jour for wedding menus. And when you’ve experienced some of the best food of your life from fantastic street food trucks, then this could be a no brainer. If you’re looking for something that offers a bit more glitz and glamour, then why not have a classic cocktail party on your list of ideas? Open up the bar with Martinis & plenty of fizz, and then wow your guests with some indulgent canapés, bowl food & finish off with a special dessert table?

As the song goes…..”Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…..” A Summer wedding with actual sunshine & no use for the wet weather plan, is usually the Holy Grail of wedding planning.

We’re huge fans of the summer wedding, not least because more often than not it means that we can get creative with options to do things inside & outside to really make the most of your venue or location.

The trend for all things BBQ has meant a real shift in the type of summer wedding food that people want to offer. Setting up some BBQ drums or Big Green Eggs brings some theatre, but also a completely different style of food to consider. Big prawns, hunks of brisket & our 24 hour marinated butterfly lamb work fantastically, and show your guests that you mean business when it comes to the food!

A Champagne, Cava or Prosecco bar set-up could greet your guests post-ceremony, and we love to include our own seasonal shrubs, tonics & cordials to really make that fizz sing.

Location, Location, Location. Perhaps if you’ve chosen a certain style of venue, e.g. a market setting or a brewery, there will be some key things to match with the food that you want to serve. Menus that fit in with your wedding venue could be anything from using beer from the brewery to create dishes, or sourcing particular local products.

If you’re having a London wedding, then look no further as London is so famous for lots of food & drink based recipes, dishes & products. If your London wedding has a bit of an East End feel, why not go all out with a typical menu consisting of eels and pie with some gorgeous green liquor? London Gin as the name suggests, is also now world famous, and we think that offering your guests a selection of London gin cocktails for the reception or a refreshing gin sorbet for dessert, is the stuff of perfect London wedding dreams.

And the same rules can apply wherever you’re getting married. Melton Mowbray Pork Pie wedding cake anyone?

So what’s coming up? We’ve talked about street food stalls, Prosecco bars & Spanish tapas for your wedding menu, but where else do we get our inspiration from & what else do we think we’ll be seeing on wedding menus over the next year? Well, we suggest you stay tuned for weddings featuring the following…..

  • Dim sum trolleys
  • More festival style dining with long banqueting tables
  • Sushi & raw bars
  • Taco stations
  • Negroni bars
  • Brunch menus + DIY Bloody Mary stations

We say let your imagination run wild! #caigerweddings








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