From Honeymoons and Hairstyles to Home Help and Holistic Therapy…

July 21, 2021 | News, Updates from HQ, Wedding Fair

Like many of us the last 18 months has changed me. I honestly feel like a different person. I’m in a different place physically, mentally and emotionally. Do you relate?

The wedding industry was one of the hardest hit as a result of the Covid pandemic. I had to cancel five wedding fairs, my weddings at the boat shed got postponed and cancelled, and I Furloughed myself. Last year I lived at my sister’s house for months, bought a paddle board, started putting my #sobercurious thoughts into action and moved house in November. Moving into this house was the security I knew I needed (after being somewhat transient for years) but I didn’t realise how good it would feel to properly breath. To properly feel safe.

Once settled in the house I had time for a bit of soul searching, and rather a lot of jobsite searching! I picked up some work with a home help company around Christmas and it’s taken me a while to build up my clients (shout out to Molly, Sandra, Angela and June!) I go and see these ladies for an hour/couple of hours a week and my duties include companionship (cuppa in the garden anyone?), meal prep, light cleaning, gardening etc. I’ve fixed tvs, tuned radios, put curtains up… Through my soul searching one of the things I realised about myself is, I’m fascinated by people. I’m so interested in how everyone’s lives are different; their tastes, their beliefs, their family dynamics, the way they live etc. I spend a lot of time with my five-year-old son Rupert (obvs) and his little mates, I also spend as much time as possible with friends my own age, so spending time and helping these elderly ladies has been so rewarding and has given me a nice rounded perspective on life. I feel like I’ve rounded up a team of local grandmas.

In April I also started working for the brilliant Chichester-based Earth Catering. My years of event experience has been put to good use in my role as Event Supervisor for them. It’s been great to get back out to weddings, meet new suppliers, visit new venues and work with a lovely team. I’m looking forward to the adventures that are in store with them for the rest of the summer (we had a hilarious experience with an industrial BBQ on Saturday which left me looking like a summer version of Father Christmas at the bottom of the chimney).

Alongside foodie adventures and helping my ladies I’ve also un-Furloughed myself from Margot’s Wedding and have announced our next wedding fair – Winchester Cathedral on Sunday 7th November – it feels like Margot has been in an induced coma for months and now she’s waking up. It feels good. I’ve missed her. Plans for the wedding fair involve a styled shoot in October so I’m looking forward to the creativity and new connections that involves.

Do you think I have time for anything else with all that going on (AND school breaking up TODAY)?.. Sure, I’m just getting onto the curve ball. I’m a newly qualified holistic therapist! Where do I even begin explaining this? Okay, for my 40th birthday a friend gave me a voucher for a treatment, but it wasn’t a massage or anything normal like that, it was for a treatment called Access Bars. All I knew before I went for my mystery treatment was that it claimed to delete all my limiting beliefs. I’ll explain below as best I can what the treatment is but after the first treatment I felt amazing. I can only describe the feeling as being high on life. I started to go for regular treatments in Southsea, but not as regularly as I would have liked because I had to be aware of the expense. I started looking into the possibility of training as an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. Being qualified would mean myself and the therapist could ‘swap’ treatments and I wouldn’t have to pay. Anyway, it was quite a long time before I got round to doing the training but last week I qualified!

So what is Access Consciousness? The treatment I offer is called ‘Running the Bars‘. The Bars’ are 32 points on the head where you have stored all your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations, emotions and attitudes… over lifetimes. The hard drive of your computer if you will. That’s a lot of ‘stuff’ in your head! It’s a wonder we don’t topple over with all that baggage. Through touching the points on your head I can clear each channel. It’s like clearing the cache on your hard drive so things don’t automatically come up. It’s an hour-long session that basically ‘defrags’ your mind. A laxative for your brain! You start to be more present in your life and the past doesn’t affect your future in the same way.

I can only describe the feeling as being high on life.

Having put this treatment out there via a local Facebook group I’ve been somewhat inundated with bookings. The sessions are £40 but I’m offering the first session half price. Please let me know if you’re interested!

So that’s my life at the moment. It’s varied, it’s fun, it’s full of good people and I honestly couldn’t be happier.


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