Fun Wedding Photography

Let’s imagine you’ve planned your wedding, the day’s been and gone, the honeymoon’s over and your photographer has finally delivered your eagerly anticipated edited wedding photos. What photos are you going to cherish and why? Lets think of reasons you might love a photo:

  1. Because you look super cool/gorgeous (good angle, good light, you look svelte, a natural smile etc etc).
  2. Because it oozes emotion (a heartfelt moment with your father before he walks down the aisle, the first look moment, speech laughs/tears etc).
  3. Because it’s heartwarming (a happy moment with a child or elderly relative perhaps).
  4. Because there’s a cool backdrop (industrial, street art, juxtaposed etc).

And when I say funny, I don’t mean silly. Anyone can pull a silly face at the photographers request. That’s not funny is it? I mean classic moments, caught at the best angle, by a pro, that just says FUN.

(Above photos: 1. Jordanna Marston 2/3. Allison Dewey

Some photographers would never share a fun photo, they wouldn’t seek to capture a fun photo because it’s not their style. But some photographers will actively seek out these little gems because it’s totally on brand for them and they seek fun clients who appreciate these excellent lighthearted moments captured in time.

Above photos: Jordanna Marston

Above photos: Ed Godden

Fun may or may not be your thing. Have a look at the photographers within our directory and look carefully at different styles.

Featured photo: Barbara K

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