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February 6, 2020 | Hampshire Wedding, Wedding cake

Hold tight for some insider baking top tips from Hartt Cakes. Becky’s flavour combos will get your taste buds going, she shares valuable information about where she seeks inspiration… and her pastimes when she’s not in the kitchen are rather unique!

Q. How long have you been baking?

A. I’ve always had a passion for baking but it really started when I was 14 years old watching an old cake decorating show. I was amazed at how they could turn a simple cake into a work of art. From that point on it was clear to me what I wanted to do with my life. Ten years later here I am baking my own cakes and continuously developing my style.

Q. What do you love about providing wedding cakes?

A. Wedding cakes are something special. My couples let me design all aspects of their cake, I love having free reign over the art and design. I don’t get to see their faces when they walk into the reception and see their cake for the first time, but the photos I get in return show their smiles and joy while cutting into my cake. Its a beautiful feeling, and that’s why I love my job.

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. I’ve had many styles over the years. Some good some haunting but my latest is an Australian style; a minimalist flawless look that I absolutely adore. This style is so versatile, its definitely a keeper! 

Q. Tell us about the techniques you use? 

A. I use a ganache on ganache technique that leaves your cake looking smooth with the sharp edges you could dream of. I use the ‘sharp as shit’ scraper from Magnolia Kitchen to achieve these finishes. Its a true life saver especially in the summer months where buttercream would melt at the slight hint of sun but a ganached cake can withstand the hottest of summer days with no visible damage or sliding tiers – a baker’s worst nightmare!

Q. Tell us about your flavour combos.

A. I love pairing flavours and finding new ways to help their essences come through in cake. Don’t get me wrong you cant go wrong with the classics, Lemon and Elderflower, Chocolate and Caramel, Raspberry and White chocolate. But a popular of mine is Orange and Poppyseed. The majority of my clients make a ‘odd’ face when I present them with this pairing, but that soon changes once they try it. It has definitely found its way into my favourite flavours – you can find my top 10 flavours in my sample box available to buy online

Q. Where do you get your inspiration?

A. Most of my inspiration comes from Australian cake artists on instagram two of my favourites are Bernadette Gee @magnoliakitchen and Jade @ivyandstone_

Q. Tell us about your design process for wedding cakes. From initial client contact to completion.

A. So after receiving an enquiry, I organise a coffee meet to understand my clients needs. During the meet we have a general talk about how they met, what theme/style their wedding is and they also have the opportunity to sample cake too. After the meeting I draw up a few sketches with quotes attached and send them back to the clients for approval. Once a design is chosen we are set!

Q. What’s the most memorable wedding cake you’ve worked on?

A. My most memorable wedding cake was one of my old styles back in 2018. It was half traditional and half Dalek from Doctor Who. Definitely an eyebrow-raiser. 

Q. Tell us about your ideal client.

A. My dream client is someone who understands how I work and puts complete trust in my abilities and artistic eye to create a edible work of art.  

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself, i.e. what do you get up to when you’re not baking? What future plans do you have?

A. Ooh I love this question. 

So when I’m not baking I’m a Brownie Leader at 7th Cosham Unit. My owl name is Little Owl as I was 15 when I started helping the unit. We take regular pack holidays with the girls. 

I enjoy going to Comic Con in London and cosplaying is my second love. In the past I have cosplayed Black Widow (Avengers), Himouto Umari-chan, Rey (Star Wars), Uraraka  (My Hero Academia) & Max Black (Two Broke Girls). I enjoy these events as anyone can literally be anyone. 

As for future plans and goals. I’m buying my first house this year so that’s taking priority, but my three year plan is to have my own cake studio where you can see me bake and create, and see what work goes into one of my beautiful wedding cakes. 

I know my life will always have cake involved somehow. I’ll be baking and making people smile for a long time to come.

Featured photo:

Photographer: Weddings by Tom

From a shoot organised by The Wonderous Wedding Fair

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