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Getting to know… Sarah London Photography

February 6, 2019 | News

As you know, we love getting to know wedding suppliers because they’re a passionate and creative bunch… When choosing your photographer, do your research and find someone like-minded because they’ll make you feel comfortable and at ease. Some togs will even drink Tequila with your bridesmaids and eat cake with your granny… Introducing Sarah London!

I will keep you calm, laugh with your guests, cry at the speeches and dance at the reception and at the end of the day, my face will ache as much as yours – I will be more than ‘just’ your photographer.

We asked Sarah some questions to dig deep into her psyche…

1) What makes you happy?  Being surrounded by nature, especially trees. Growing fruit and veg. And getting amazing feedback for my work.

2) What does a perfect Saturday look like to you? I guess I prefer Sundays which would involve walking and pubs hahaha but a Saturday would probably be getting up late, meeting a friend for lunch and then meeting other friends in the evening for dinner or drinks or dancing or all three, maybe a gig?

3) What’s your idea of a dream holiday? A road trip for at least a month in a well equipped camper van, probably somewhere with mountains for at least part of the trip (so not Norfolk). Ooooh but it’s so hard to decide – I could have so many different types of dream holiday… I could easily do a luxury tree house hotel in Costa Rica too hehehe!

4) How would you describe your personal style? Natural, rough, informal, eco, quality.

5) What three items would you take with you to a desert island? Ohhh I think they would be practical things so I could make stuff – like tools! I’m very practically minded haha.

6) What do you love watching on TV?  Whatever the fella has recorded – I don’t have a huge amount to do with the TV. I’m not overly bothered but I prefer documentary and travel stuff, we watch a lot of foreign crime series together. (*whispers* I do confess to watching a little bit of reality tv though – Shhhh!!!)

7) Where’s your favourite place on earth? Ohhhhh far far too many amazing places on this earth to choose one!.. although actually I really LOVE being in my bed hahaha

8) What’s your guilty pleasure? Reality TV that I tried to whisper about earlier but now the cat is really out of the bag – and 80’s music hahaha!

9) What do you love about wedding photography? Working with happy people (at weddings people are usually happy) and being able to give people lasting memories of their loved ones.

I’m inspired by people and the fragility of life.

10) What’s your background? Cameras… My first camera was a Fisher Price camera age around 8 I guess? I moved onto an Olympus OM10 age 16, eventually went to uni to do BA Technical Arts (set making), then waitressed and travelled on and off for quite a few years until late 20’s came back to photography, got a job in Jessops just as everything went digital, hated it, got a Canon camera, left, waitressed again while going back to college to do a HND in Photography and at the same time started to assist a Photographer based in Newham, East London and the rest, as they say, is history. I joined him just after the UK won the 2012 Olympic bid – so most of our work in Newham over the following years was to do with that, I learnt everything about being a photographer working for him. I left London right after the 2012 Olympics and moved to Brighton where I pursued weddings – although I do still do some corporate and other types of photography.

11) What inspires you? Generally in life – Good design, nature, health. Photographically – people and the fragility of life.

12) What’s your favourite food? Indian food! Or chips with LOADS of vinegar

13) How would you describe your interior style? Natural colours and textures, I like quality old furniture, design, practical and hand made things.

14) What’s your moto? Hahaha I didn’t know I should have one!.. Umm…??? In the Photography community ‘Don’t be a Dick’ is a commonly shared motto. I’ll have to think about acquiring my own!

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