Getting to Know… The Stag & the Doe

Today we get to know Lindsey Macadie, the talented photographer behind The Stag & the Doe. We’re very jealous of her time in Maui! Oh to be there now, on this cold wet dreary day…

Q. What makes you happy?

A. Sunshine, wisteria and giggles with good friends.

Q.What does a perfect weekend look like to you?

A. Some live music, time with family and friends, a walk followed by a Sunday roast. That’s a good weekend!

Q. What’s your idea of a dream holiday?

A. Sunshine and some sort of activities like yoga or kayaking. A good dose of culture and some chill time.

Q. How would you describe your personal style?

A. Oooh tricky.  I’m not sure I know – it’s changed a lot over the years. I buy quality gear now over fast fashion. I still like to get jazzy and am always up for fancy dress.

Q. What three items would you take with you to a desert island?

A. Radio, pencil and coffee.

Q. What do you love watching on TV?

A. Documentaries and any big hits like ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. I’m a sucker for that stuff!

Q. Where’s your favourite place on earth?

A. It’s a distant memory now but I stayed in Maui for a few months, in a tent, with a mate.  We worked on a fruit stand on Hana Highway, played in the sea and ate pineapples every day. It was a communal living set-up and each of us had different jobs to do before we had free time. The simplicity of it all – stripped back pleasures,  nature and connections. It was heaven and I feel lucky to have experienced it.

Q. What’s your guilty pleasure?

A. Custard. I’ve only recently got into it and now I just eat it out of the jar. Yep, I’m an animal!

Q. What’s your favourite film?

A. ‘Call me by your name’ although I love films by Ken Loach, Wes Anderson and The Coen Brothers.

Q. What do you love about wedding photography?

A. Everyone that you care about, together in one place – it’s a recipe for a good time! I love to capture all of that joy and also the quiet moments when you’re on your own with the couple. The words that are spoken, the emotions, the originality and uniqueness, the details. It’s a privilege to be part of something so special.

Q. What’s your background?

A. I studied Fashion and Textiles but I took a year out to move to Brighton and do an Art Foundation. I specialised in Fine Art Photography and spent all my time in the darkroom developing films. I knew then that that was my passion but life took over and I didn’t return to it seriously until 10 years later. I started doing a lot of evening courses to refresh my memory and learn new skills. Once mates found out, I had them asking me to photograph their weddings! I’d never shot a wedding before so I second shot for a bunch of wonderful photographers before going solo.  After that… the rest is history!

Q. What inspires you?

A. People – every time. Colours, light and history.

Q. What’s your favourite food?

A. Middle Eastern yumminess. I like cooking and have been inspired by friends who are great cooks.

Q. How would you describe your interior style?

A. Someone once said to me ‘buy what you like and it’ll all come together’ which is what I do rather than looking for everything to match. Three staples would be white walls, plants and artwork.

Q. What’s your moto?

A. “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air” – Emerson.

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