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Getting to Know You ~ Photography By Paloma

November 29, 2018 | News

I think getting to know your wedding suppliers, i.e. the people behind the brands, is really important when it comes to choosing the elements of your day. Who people are, what makes them tick and their lifestyle choices will have formed the foundation for their business. You want your wedding to reflect ‘you’ so it’s a great idea to get like-minded suppliers involved to create the magic.

Unlike other suppliers, photographers are the ones who’ll be there with you… in person. ALL day! From the nervous energy getting ready, to that intimate moment right after you say ‘I Do’ to slipping and sliding across the dance floor. You want someone you get along with, who ‘gets’ your style and can put you at ease.

Today we get to know Paloma Murillo Vandersteen AKA Photography By Paloma. I’ve known Paloma for years, she’s done personal shoots of me with my son, as well as bridal shoots, and she’s exhibited at my wedding fairs. She shot one of my favourite photos; the cover for issue seven, our special issue. We had a lot of fun with that sailor and his dogs!

(Dinosaur photo is from Paloma’s table at Margot’s Wedding Fair, taken by Teddy Pig Photography. Image of our special issue is by Carrie Lavers)

I love Paloma’s relaxed attitude and her dry sense of humour. I know we’ll always have fun on shoots and I know her technical ability is spot on.

Now for the questions…

1) What makes you happy? The sunshine and the sound of my children’s laughter.

2) What does a perfect Saturday look like to you? If I am not shooting a wedding, a lovely walk on the sea front followed by a lush lunch, or a visit to a local farm to see some animals. Gig in the evening!
3) What’s your idea of a dream holiday? A mixture of relaxing and exploring. I love visiting new places and learning about their culture.
4) How would you describe your personal style? Eclectic, colourful and a little quirky!
5) What three items would you take with you to a dessert island? Music (in a device with unlimited battery and song choice), my Kindle, loaded with books, and my camera.
6) What do you love watching on TV? The Walking Dead is my current favourite. Have gone to the conventions and met some of the cast (yes, I am that person!!). Have also loved, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, and the Office (the US version!)
7) Where’s your favourite place on earth? Eeek I couldn’t possibly choose one. It would have to be wherever I have my kids and husband’s face with me (cheesy hey?). I absolutely loved Sydney, and obviously Madrid (my hometown) has a very special place in my heart. Other than that my bed, with fresh bed sheets.
8) What’s your guilty pleasure? First Dates on TV and staying in my pj’s all day if I don’t need to go anywhere.
9) What’s your favourite film? Only You, with Robert Downey Jr and Marissa Tomei. Good classic chick flick!
10) What do you love about wedding photography? I love being a part of people’s days. I get a kick of knowing they will look at my images for years to come and hopefully relive of all the excitement of the day. Also I get a lot of free cake. Cake is always good.
11) What’s your background? I have always loved photography (got my first camera when I was 7 or 8). I have been an analyst for a big financial company for 10 years and have not long been made redundant. I have juggled both my day job and photography for 5 years now (and have had 2 children in that time too!)
12) What inspires you? Peoples connections and stories. I love hearing how my couples met each other, the proposals etc.
13) What’s your favourite food? Spanish omelette (made by my mother or one of my oldest friends… anything you get in the UK will never be as good!)
14) How would you describe your interior style? Functional. With two small children ir’s hard to have nice stuff without fear of it getting ruined. Our living space is a mixture of Toys’R’Us and comfortable and cosy.
15) What’s your moto? Live and let live and Don’t be a dick!

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