Goodbye 2019… Hello New Decade!

December 24, 2019 | News

Well hello there! I’m writing this on 18th December but it’s scheduled to go out on Christmas Eve. Please spare a thought for my hangover… it was my 40th birthday yesterday! I’ve had a monster hangover every Christmas Eve for the last twenty odd years. I’ll be sharing pics of birthday shenenigans in the new year (dress code: 70s dinner party).

I usually dislike Christmas but for some reason my spirits are high this year. Possibly because I’ve been excited about my big birthday party, or possibly because I’m spending Christmas with my bestie and her amazing family in Norfolk (it’s the first time she’s been home from France for Christmas in 17 years!)

Every year I love to reflect on the year gone by and look forward to the following year. This year feel quite momentous as we’re entering a new decade just as I turn 40!

Print vs Digital Magazines

It feels crazy to think that this time last year I was preparing for my print Special Issue to come out in the shops. I was planning to do quarterly print issues this year but alas, it was not meant to be! I made the decision in the spring to stop printing and to continue the magazine in its digital format. The Special Issue was/is a great achievement for me (there are still limited copies to buy online) but it became a struggle to make it work financially. I loved working on the print magazine for six years (13 issues) but I’m proud I was able to pivot when I knew it wasn’t working for me anymore. Since the last print issue I’ve published three digital-only mags and have continued to focus on the blog, supplier directory and my wedding fairs.

Issue 16 – Epic Love Story

From next year I plan to publish two digital magazine a year, in March and September.

Wedding Fairs

The wedding fairs have come about very organically, I was used to gathering suppliers together and promoting them to brides/couples in the magazine format, wedding fairs are basically the same thing! This time last year I’d celebrated doing my first fair at The Worthing Dome, I’ve now done three fairs at The Dome and am preparing to be back there again on Sunday 26th January. This year I also did an outdoor summer fair in Hampshire making it three fairs in total… and next year I’m preparing to do FIVE! Two at The Worthing Dome, two at The Boat Shed and one at Wagner Hall in Brighton. Two dates are TBC but please check out the Wedding Fairs page for all the dates currently announced.

Above photos: Ferris & Sloane

The Boat Shed

The Boat Shed project has been the most exciting thing to happen in Margot’s World this year! I think it was back in the spring that I got talking to Imogen, one of the owners of Wicor Marine/Salt Cafe in Portchester. She showed me The Boat Shed (which was very much a working boat shed then!), we chatted about the potential for the space and the rest is history… They asked me to get involved to promote and manage weddings and I was only too happy to oblige! Interior work was carried out and everything is set to be complete in time for our Launch Wedding Fair on 8th March. We did our first photo shoot there in the summer and I just can’t wait to do the proper interior shots, our promo video, virtual tour and finally complete the sales brochure. I think we’ll see a packed calendar of weddings at The Boat Shed in 2021 and it would be great to get a couple more in the diary for next year (we have our first wedding there in July 2020) I’ve absolutely loved being back involved with couples and their weddings plans and can’t wait to get on with it all next year…

Above photos: Sam Pharoah (first three)

New for 2020

As my old mate Kelly Wickson is at the helm of new, central Brighton venue Wagner Hall, we’ve put a date in the diary for a new event ‘Margot’s Show & Tell‘. It’s aimed at wedding suppliers and basically involves networking, an SEO talk and professional head shots.

I am also planning a summer event at Wagner Hall. It’s an alternative, innovative and interactive event aimed at brides/couples… AND I’M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT! All will be announced in the new year. #watchthisspace #lotstodo

Next year I am also available for freelance work and one-to-one coaching within the wedding industry.

Photo: Anna Pumer

On a Personal Note

I’m still living in Southsea (Portsmouth), just me and my main man Rupert (who celebrated his fourth birthday this month with a brilliant chocolate workshop by The Crafty Chocolatier) but we’re preparing to move house in the spring. We’re going to Portchester so I will be living minutes away from The Boat Shed! Hopefully we’ll be fully settled in by the time Rupert starts school in September. We’re going from a flat to a house so I’m really excited about all things interior design, pottering in the garden (I think I’ve got to that age!) and we’re planning to get a dog. Yey!

2020 is my year of ‘vitality’, I’m knocking booze on the head (for a year-long experiment), spending more time outdoors/moving my body and I’m working on putting a personal writing practice/project into place.

I’m also planning a mini break to Berlin with a friend, I’m taking Rupert to France for summer fun in the mountains and we’re going to Camp Bestival too! There’s lots to look forward to and I’m super happy and grateful for the life I’ve created and all the good people I have around me.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and I wish you all the best for a happy and healthy new decade!

Helen x

Featured photo (and above photo in launderette): Photography by Paloma



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