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Home Sweet Home

March 4, 2015 | News

A homely home has always been important to me, from my bedroom when I was growing up, to my university digs and now my proper grown up flat… well, it’s probably smaller than my university digs to be honest but it’s mine, all mine 🙂

For me, it’s important to have bits and pieces around the home that mean something to you. I have old family photos, postcards my sister and I sent to my grandparents when we were kids, fridge magnets with meaningful sayings, pictures of my friends and vintage kitchenware I’ve picked up at car boot sales

My mum died in 2013 and I have bits from her old house such as shelving in the kitchen, her wine rack and pictures and mirrors from her house. I also have a retro peg board menu that I LOVE. I painstakingly wrote out the chorus to the Beatles track ‘Let it Be’. It’s meaningful to me because we played it at my mum’s funeral.

I also love colour and pattern. My sister’s taste is very muted and neutral and the other day she said it was like a colour explosion walking into my flat! I especially have a penchant for cushions, mugs and colourful glassware

I just love colour and kitsch!

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