How Interior Trends are Influencing Weddings

It makes complete sense to me! I love interiors and I love weddings so why should they be separated? We invest in pieces for our home that we want to look at every day, and the styling of your wedding day should give you the same feeling. It has always been a great starting point for me; I spend hours pinning interior inspiration, which I then filter through to my wedding designs.

The current trend for lots of floral patterns, clashing prints and chintz makes me very happy as I love using this style within my weddings. When couples start to see this type of vibe coming through in homewares it makes them realise the same can be done for their wedding too. Insta famous scenes like Liberty London have spurred the rise in couples wanting big blousy roses and high impact floral displays… and I am NOT complaining!!

The boho feel is still strong but with a vintage modern twist, and paired with the ever-wonderful pampas grass and dyed dried flowers, it feels much more up to date. Some of the coolest interior shops such as Rocket St George and Anthropologie have such an eclectic range of pieces, using terrazzo and leather accents. As a business I am always drawn to vintage and handmade items, so I love that the trend for mismatched and artisan is still strong.

I also love it when couples move away from standard white linen, we are more than happy to experiment at home with coloured table cloths and napkins so why should your wedding by any different?

Feel at home on you big day…

Letting your favourite interior pieces, or just what you love, influence your wedding style is a brilliant way to get your perfect wedding look. After all, if you’re happy to live with it, if it’s an extension of your personalities, then it’s going to create a wedding that suits you both.

By Katie Sutton

Featured photo: Jessica Raphael Photography


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