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July 20, 2018 | News

What glorious weather we’re having for outdoor weddings this year! It’s beautiful and quintessentially British to be outdoors isn’t it? Pimms and fizz in the summer sun, canapes, hay bales, kids running free… what better way to top it off than with a spot of croquet on the lawn?

I always think the best weddings are ones where there’s plenty for the guests to ‘do’ (other than drink the bar dry). Photo booths are a great way to keep guests entertained and garden games are brilliant fun too. An opportunity to put your drink down, get a bit competitive and, best of all, it’s fun for all ages.

Above photos: Jessica Milberg (Balcombe Place editorial shoot for issue 12).

Brighton-based Quintessential Fetes have an array of traditional garden fete games available to hire: Giant Jenga, Hook A Duck, Tin Can Alley, Coconut Shy, Hoopla, Swingball, Tug O’ War, Croquet, Sacks, Skittles and Quoits.

Photo above right: Jessica Milberg (Balcombe Place editorial shoot for issue 12).

Your friends and family getting involved in fete games makes a marvellous photo opportunity. Auntie June bouncing around in a sack race? That’s photographic gold. Why not get a few boxes of eggs, some wooden spoons and instigate an egg and spoon race? Old fashioned fun is the best fun! Maybe you could even throw in a knobbly knees competition?

Having a beach wedding? These games work perfectly on the beach too!

Photos above left and right: Jessica Milberg (Balcombe Place editorial shoot for issue 12).

There’s something about rubber ducks that just screams fun isn’t there? And when Steph from Quintessential Fetes came along to our Me & My Brand workshop she brought some of her friends along for her head shots. I believe they’re called: Eric, Ernie, Eddie and Enzo (yup I think Steph lives in a world of her own, lol!)

Quintessential Fetes also have plenty of bunting available to hire to complete the ‘summer fair’ vibes Their new website is still under construction so contact them via social media for now.

Above photos (left and right) Anna Pumer (at the Me & My Brand workshop). Above middle by D&J Photography.


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