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March 23, 2016 | News

An Intimate Relationship… with your photographer

When it comes to wedding photography there is far more to the investment than just the money.  You may not realise it when you sit down to look at photographers’ websites (sometimes until your eyes blur), but your wedding photographer needs to also be invested in you.  And when I say invested I mean emotionally, psychologically, and whole-heartedly invested in you and your story.  Of all the people at your wedding, your photographer will be with you the entire time.  They will be in the midst of the emotions that will run throughout the day through you, your partner, your mother, your partner’s mother, and yes, maybe even your dog.  Sure, photographers have a job to do but as they are doing that job they need to be present with you and in tune with you and your partner’s emotions.  They need to be empathic to you and your guests.   They need to listen to the vows, listen to the toasts, listen to uncle Joe’s story about his time in the war, and they need to listen with interest and intent.

Why, you may ask, does your photographer need to take so much on board? Because, truly meaningful wedding images don’t just capture, they emote.  They tell an intimate, intricate story full of subtlety that has been woven, like a tapestry over time.  Your guests have all played an important part in this process leading up to your wedding day.  Your family and friends have all helped you to build your relationship with your partner, they all bear witness, they all celebrate, they all love. Your photographer needs to understand that and make sure that it is all represented in your images.

How and why does this impact your choice of wedding photographer?  Every supplier at your wedding is a reflection of you. You want your guests to feel they are in good hands, especially with something as intimate as having their picture taken.  We are at our most vulnerable when we love, so give yourselves the chance to get to know your photographer before your wedding (see if they include a pre-wedding shoot). Meet with all your prospective photographers, if you can’t meet them in person, Skype.  Trust your feelings when you meet them, look at their non-wedding work too.  Sure, one might have a killer style and be featured on loads of blogs but, if the newcomer with great images makes you feel like you’ve known them for ages, trust your heart. Remember it’s what got you to this point in the first place.

Jessica is a photographer specializing in weddings and other notable life events.  She is based in Brighton and would love to hear about your upcoming wedding.  Send an email to hello@jessicamilberg.com or call 07401 539 093. Don’t forget to see what it’s all about, www.jessicamilberg.com (and, for the cheeky amongst you, check out her boudoir photography at www.lookingglassboudoir.com).


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