I ended up doing an impromptu creative photo shoot on my daily exercise last week! Here’s how it came about.

When dreaming up ideas for blog content I thought about the FaceTime photo shoot I did with Tim Dunk waaaay back at the start of the first lockdown.

I thought it would be a cool idea to see if we could do a bridal shoot via FaceTime. I contacted Tim and he was in! So then I had a quick think about who our model could be. It had to be someone with a suitable dress and accessories, and someone who could do their own hair and makeup. I immediately thought of Amy Baker. Amy and Sam were due to get married at The Boat Shed last July, they postponed until May this year and have sadly now postponed again until next summer. They did get married last year though (look out for their real wedding on the blog soon) so I knew she had the dress and accessories. Amy is a vintage singer/performer so she’s used to doing her own hair and make up. No brainer! I popped her a quick message and she was up for it… it was coming together nicely.

The day before the shoot I suddenly thought it would be good if she had a bouquet. I contacted Eva at Blossom Boutique, a lovely florist who is based locally to me, in Southsea, Portsmouth. Eva was eager to collaborate and the short notice wasn’t a problem.

With everything in place, and the weather looking promising for the day of the shoot, I thought it would be nice to get some ‘out and about’ photos of the bouquet for Eva. So I needed a local photographer. I had a little think and Grant Capstick sprung to mind. I met Grant a few years ago when he provided some vintage cars for a bridal shoot I’d worked on. During lockdown Grant has pursued his passion for photography and I’ve loved what I’ve seen on social media. I floated the idea with Grant and he was in!

I’ve always been a fan of juxtaposition in wedding photography. Taking things out of context. A photo of traditional bridal bouquet looks quirky against colourful street art… and you wouldn’t expect to see a beautiful piece of floristry in an abandoned shopping trolley would you?!

I wanted to pop into the launderette but sadly it was closed and we were running out of time before we had to drop the bouquet to Amy for her shoot with Tim.

We did however get some gorgeous shots in The Steam Room (and some tasty lattes).

Finally Grant got some doorstep shots of Amy and her dog George Michael before we left her in the capable hand of Tim!

Next week I will be sharing the results of the FaceTime shoot!

Thanks to everyone who jumped at the chance to take part. It was a brilliant collaborative Covid-secure bridal shoot, it reminded me of my old life before I became a slave to my five-year-old child.

Helen x

Photos www.instagram.com/grantcapstick

Bouquet www.instagram.com/blossomboutiquesflowers

To read previous Bride-to-Be post with Amy, follow this link www.margotswedding.co.uk/boat-shed-bride-to-be

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