Lisa Pascoe – On Love

Lisa Pascoe is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner with over five years’ experience, and is the host of Bravehearts Rising, a podcast for deep feelers, dreamers and empaths. As Lisa prepares to marry Bekky (very soon!) we asked her to contribute a piece on LOVE. Over to Lisa…

While I loved the Little Mermaid as a child, I never grew up wanting the fairy tale romance. I didn’t dream of a big wedding and never wanted to be rescued. What I did crave, however, was marriage, Marks and Spencers and a mortgage. It sounds funny now but as an only child to a single parent, this somehow represented stability and comfort to me.

Fast forward to the present with just weeks until I marry my partner Bekky, and my view of marriage has shifted. For me partnership is at the core of marriage. It means being clear on your values both as individuals and as a couple as well as having a vision for your life together. It means acknowledging each other’s humanity and knowing that we are constantly evolving. What I love most about my relationship with Bekky is how we challenge each other, stretch each other’s comfort zones and encourage growth. After five and a half years we are closer and more rooted as a couple than we have ever been.

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live – Norman Cousins

Of course, you can have all of this without being married if that feels right for you. For me, however, marriage is important because in making this public and legal commitment, it’s like you’re putting your stake in the ground. For me it has a gravitas to it that feels sacred and should be entered into as such.

I feel the same way about the ceremony – that it’s an important ritual to be honoured. This is why we’ve chosen to have a weekend wedding at Folly Farm which is part of a gorgeous 45-acre nature reserve near Bristol. The night before we plan on having a fire pit with our loved ones and burning intentions for our future together. The wedding itself is 100% vegan which makes us both happy. Overall, what excites us most about the wedding is the opportunity to bring together loved ones to celebrate our love and create new memories together.

Lisa is passionate about all things mental health and rewilding, and is on a mission to help highly sensitive women in their 40s to thrive in a noisy, modern world. An important part of this is helping them to reconnect with their intuition and nurture all of who they are not just the shiny parts. She does this through soul-nourishing workshops, retreats and private coaching.


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