Love Isn’t Cancelled – A Poem

The wedding industry has been all I’ve really known for the last ten years. It’s the career I’ve shaped for myself. I’ve made a life out of parties, celebrations… good times. I’ve made some of my best friends through the industry. Many of my industry friends and colleagues I haven’t seen since last winter, and somehow it’s the winter again and we don’t know when our paths will next cross.

Today I spoke to my 95-year-old grandmother on the phone. She’s desperately worried about my work and income. Obviously I don’t want her to worry but I want to tell it how it is. “It’s fine granny” I breezed… “hopefully it’ll all be over soon. It’ll be the like when the war was over and everyone wanted to party…” “The war lasted six years dear” came her reply which, quite frankly, didn’t make either of us feel better.

The not knowing is hard. Suppliers have juggled this year but the bounce back loans are running out and the stress is bound to have a ripple effect on all areas of life. I’m soon going to be introducing some online networking opportunities so we can all have a moan and bounce some ideas. Watch this space.

Anyway, I’ve written a poem. Thank you to my brother-in-law Mike Sheehan for putting this snazzy video together.


The wedding industry is being forced to change.

This year we’ve seen couples cancel, postpone and rearrange.


Big parties with dancing and closeness feels like a thing of the past.

We’re grieving for the celebrations but how long will the grief last?


If we can’t prepare feasts, arrange flowers, bake cakes then what can we do?

We can stay positive for the future but we have bills to pay too.


Do we hope for support? Do we pivot? Do we retrain?

All the options, as the bounce back load dwindles, is too much for my brain.


I’m pleased couples can still marry in an intimate affair.

They can still have the dress, the flowers and fabulous hair.


The big, second mortgage-style events are on hold for now,

But stripping things back to basics is beautiful somehow.


Wedding photos in masks are morbidly iconic,

I find making the best of a bad situation a comforting tonic.


I believe, as an industry, we must go with the flow.

Do what we need to do… in our hearts we will know.


We’re professional party animals but we must hibernate,

Undertake behind the scenes work and await the industry’s fate.


We know love isn’t cancelled, so let’s stick together,

When we can party again, it will be more meaningful than ever.


By Helen Ruff, Margot’s Wedding

Featured photo: Angela Ward Brown

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