Luna & Sol – Sustainable and Eco-friendly Invitations

(Extracted from our current issue)

Great invitation design doesn’t have to be compromised or cost the earth. Save the planet and potentially your wedding budget.

The ethos of Luna & Sol stems from founders Cat and Chiara’s love of art and their belief in sustainability.

Organic Seeded Paper Range

Handmade cotton paper is pressed with wildflower and basil seeds. Your wedding guests can then pot and grow the invitation into a plant. Even if they do throw it away, it will decompose and grow somewhere on this earth instead of sitting in landfill.

All-in-One Range

In addition to the seeded paper series, there’s the All-in-One collection where an invitation is easily folded into its own envelope. This reduces the use of additional materials and promotes zero-wastage.

It is not a trend that we just want to tap into so we can sit along with other marketing campaigns. It is not a fad that will fade away. It is a global movement that we are responsible for as humans of this earth. We truly want to reduce the negative environmental impact of the stationery that we create.


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