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March 18, 2020 | News, Wedding Industry

Sorry, it’s another post about Covid 19. I don’t know about you but I’m finding updates from businesses very interesting. The thing with this is everyone’s got a unique set of circumstances so it’s interesting to see what tack people are taking. Although it does seem like choices are rapidly being taken out of our hands.

Personally I’m doing what I can today/tomorrow while my son’s at nursery because if (or should I say when) they close, it’s game over… for goodness knows how long. My son Rupert is four and he’s not the kind of kid who plays quietly alone. Assuming I can share childcare with his father I’ll be continuing to work on my online content. Folk are going to need stuff to read! And with more time on everyone’s hands I think 2021 (and beyond) wedding plans will be full steam ahead. Brides/couples, we’ve got some great content in store for you (issue 17 is out this week and blog posts continue as normal), and suppliers, why not consider advertising with us? A six month directory listing with blog post is just £99 (please get in touch if you’d like more info).

I think most people are going to be busying themselves with all the things they usually put off aren’t they? Or things they’d like to do but don’t have time for; sorting out wardrobes, spring cleaning, crafting, cooking etc. Personally I will be doing all of those things because they seem like things my son would enjoy (yup he likes cleaning!), if I was on lock down alone with no work to do, I’d 100% get my head stuck into a personal writing project.

I have decided to introduce a new offering, especially geared up to these times i.e. work I can do from home and a service that will help people in this down time/make a difference for when we’re back up and running. (Sorry brides/grooms-to-be, my blog posts are usually geared up to you but this service is for suppliers).

Margot’s Brand Analysis

This offer includes a couple of hours of my time with my full attention on your business. I will forward you some questions to answer before I get started and I will analyse your website and social media; the messages you’re putting across with design, words and images. I’ll make personal recommendations/offer contacts based on my findings. This is a PR exercise to make sure you’re doing what you can to put the right image/message out there. My recommendations could include changes to copy, advice re images to share/not share, how to approach social media, advice re social bios etc etc.

Your investment £49

Why Me?

I’ve worked with brands in the wedding industry since 2013 via my magazine and wedding fairs. I’ve looked at A LOT of websites/social pages! I see what works and what doesn’t from an image point-of-view. I have a journalism qualification, years of writing experience and I’ve spent thousands of pounds on coaching. I spent £3k on one coach and undertook months and months of work with her. It was great but I believe the main thing she taught me could have been identified with her eyes on my brand for just a couple of hours, like I’m offering here.

(Above images: 1&2. Teddy Pig Photography 3. Confetti Coast)

Please contact me ASAP and I can book you into my diary! (Please note I’m also open to contra deals on advertising and the brand analysis package. I’m also also happy to analyse non-wedding businesses in the lifestyle sector).


I’m doing what I can! Stay safe people, this is a juggling act. We all have to make action plans for our own individual set of circumstances.

Helen x

Featured photo: Anna Pumer

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