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August 18, 2018 | News

We changed over from Doily Days to Margot’s Wedding at the beginning of this year and I didn’t really anticipate how long it would take me to find my feet with the new brand. I thought we’d just change the name and carry on as we were. The whole point of the name change was to keep up with what we were already doing… but things have organically changed. It’s almost like I met Margot at the beginning of the year and I’ve been slowly getting to know her and figuring out what makes her tick. And guess what? We’ve become best friends!

I knew we were moving away from being so ‘vintage’, that was the point of the name change, but I guess I didn’t know exactly what our new identity was to be… I think I had a business identity crisis!

When I started Doily Days way back in 2009 (as a vintage china hire business) it was about being quirky and different and that seemed to lead us, not only down a vintage path, but an ‘alternative’ path too. Really ‘out there’ weddings; brides with pink hair, heavily tattooed brides, couples sticking two fingers up at tradition. But that’s not really what it’s about anymore. If I’m honest it’s not really what it’s ever been about, it’s just taken me years to put my finger on it.

The name Margot’s Wedding has really allowed me to decide whether the content I’m considering is right. I look at photos and think ‘is this Margot?’ and I can quickly decide whether it’s right for our brand. I’ve recently been looking for the front cover for issue 12. A new thing I’m introducing since the name change is just having a bride on her own on the cover (whereas under Doily Days we sometimes had couples). She has to have a real ‘Margot’ look about her. I’m hoping to release our issue 12 cover early next week (eeek).

Issue 11 cover
Issue 11 cover

So who is Margot and what’s she all about? Well she’s confident, cool and sassy. She doesn’t follow trends or look to others for what’s ‘in’. She knows what she likes and she goes about her business quietly. Her home is stylish and she has lots of ‘things’ that make her feel happy and cosy. She likes simple things; camping, open fires, long walks, roast dinners, independent cinema, books and magazines. She trawls charity shops for legendary vinyl. She wears dungarees. She likes yoga, meditation, reflexology and massage.

Do you get the picture?

I want to build on our community, our people; brides who resonate with the above and feel connected to the content we’re putting out, and suppliers who want to connect with exactly those brides.

The wedding industry is vast, it can be overwhelming and confusing and all just a bit ‘too much’. I want to provide a place of calm where everyone’s on the same page. We’re all the same kind of people. We like the same things.

Helen x

P.S. I’ve created an Instagram account where I’ll be sharing personal bits and bobs, I’d love you to follow www.instagram.com/helenandmargot

P.P.S the featured image of me is by Wild Blossom Photography

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