Margot’s 70s Dessert Trolley

I didn’t feel well at the weekend so I spent plenty of time cocooned in a blanket on the sofa. Usually when I’m in this type of hibernation mode I go down an Instagram inspiration rabbit hole.

Things I love: fun, parties, food, colour, nostalgia, theatre, quirk. What did I find that ticked all these boxes and got me excited? Retro desserts. Why oh why don’t we still have dessert trolleys like back in the seventies?

Well, let me tell you guys, we can. I’m bringing it back for weddings. Big trifles to dig into, black forest gateaus, pineapple upside down cake… or how about a DIY banana split bar? Or DIY knickerbocker glories? I will provide all the retro bowls/dishes, table cloth, signage, props etc. And of course service staff in kitsch attire.

Nothing says fun like a glace cherry…

Make YOUR dessert a talking point, something your guests won’t forget! We already have a booking for a village hall wedding in July so watch this space for photos…

Other things that are super kitsch when it comes to sweet treats: Baked Alaska, Arctic Roll, Vienetta, Coke Float, Pink Wafers, Jammy Dodgers, Party Rings, Angel Delight, Ice Magic, After Eights, Black Magic, Fab lollies, Rocket lollies…

Contact me to discuss.

Helen x

Photos: Pinterest

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