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Mind Your Bonce!

November 18, 2017 | News

Today we hear from Farnham-based milliner Karen Geraghty about solitude, desert island essentials and her marriage advice…

1) How did you come up with your business idea? Who wouldn’t want to make hats?

2) How would you describe your style? Elegant, quirky, casual 

3) Who, in the public eye, suits your brand the most and why? I’ve never thought about it. How about Myrna Loy?  She was gorgeous, stylish and witty, and she could really wear a hat.

4) What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love? Married an Englishman? 

5) What tune do you put on to get you ready for the day?  The Replacements ‘I will dare’ is good to get you moving, or Green Day ‘Holiday’.

6) What’s the best thing about working for yourself? I like a fair amount of solitude, and I love being able to decide the direction my work takes.

7) What do you love most about weddings? It’s always nice to catch up with people you don’t see all that often. 

8) What three items would you take with you on a desert island? An unlimited supply of books, drawing supplies, and I suppose I should have some water.

9) If you could take anyone, who would you invite as your plus one to a wedding? I would have loved to take Terry Pratchett.  

10) What one piece of advice would you give to couples planning their wedding? In the end you need to remember to put more time and effort into your marriage than into your wedding.

Photos taken from Facebook and our styled shoot (for The Wonderous Wedding Fair 2017) with Photography by Paloma



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