Mini Weddings and Elopements

Today we have a guest post from much-loved Sussex-based Celebrant Rachael Thompson

At the time of writing the wedding industry has been hit, yet again, with the Coronavirus pandemic capping the number of permitted guests at a wedding to 15, and who knows when normality will resume.

There’s no question that the future of weddings is changing. Many couples have been planning a big white wedding, with guests galore, so I appreciate this year’s happening have been a bitter disappointment. But every cloud does indeed have a silver lining, and as I am ever the optimist I’m going to be highlighting the benefits of a small wedding.

To begin with, just think of a pre-Covid guest list. How many names are on there because we feel we have to invite them? Rather than really wanting them to share in our special day. “So sorry we are only allowed to have a tiny wedding!” and there we are, job done!

You may be that bride (or groom) who quakes at the thought of being the centre of attention. No need to worry, you can truly be yourself knowing you are surrounded by only those closest to you.

There is no obligation to keep 200 guests happy and there is so much more you can do with fewer people attending. You will have so much more time to focus on the small details, spend quality time with your guests… who knows, you may even be able to nip off for some private time with your special one.

Then off course there is the financial aspect, think of all the money you could save, perhaps putting it towards a super special honey moon at a later date.

Two families coming together will have the opportunity to really bond and hopefully forge those lasting connections.


Maybe you feel it’s time to cancel your chosen venue as it’s not financially viable for a small wedding. This does not have to be the end of the world, don’t forget Celebrants can lead a wedding anywhere, literally anywhere, in a garden, a park, on a beach… anywhere is possible. You may have that special spot that tugs on your heart strings, bringing you back to those first heady throws of love.  You could consider an elopement, an intimate ceremony with just the two of you. How romantic and beautiful that could be.

With a Celebrant at the helm you can be sure of a unique and individually crafted ceremony with  no restrictions on time or ceremony content. If you’re dog lovers why not bring them along too? They don’t want to miss out on being with their favourite humans.

There really are so many different options out there to make your day special. I love chatting weddings, so feel free to call me (no obligation to book of course).

Remember it’s quality not quantity.

Big is not always better.

Small is beautiful.

By Rachael Thompson Celebrant

*Celebrant Weddings are not currently legally binding, legalities can be completed before or after the ceremony. Rachael can offer advise on this if need.

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