Mother of the Bride

Today we have a guest post from magazine contributor Pip O’Neill. She ponders wedding traditions and specifically etiquette when it comes to mother of the bride’s attire. Over to Pip!..

A lot of wedding traditions are lovely. The Something old, something new adage feels like a glorious opportunity to offer the magic of talismans to the next generation. Similarly, someone close to the happy couple standing and saying a few words, thus allowing for a moment of reflection and calm, in a pretty manic schedule, is a tradition that should not be done away with.

What the wedding rules of the ‘Mother Of’s’ outfits are, however, is a decidedly grey area. Is there an ancient tome revered by the pagans that decrees the set circumference of a ‘Mother Of’s’ headwear? Do you even need to wear a hat?

If your offspring has decided to get married in a church then covering your shoulders is always best, and a well-placed fascinator does show a healthy respect for a place of worship. That is, however, where the rules begin and end. The most important part of the day is that two people who love each other are celebrating with their nearest and dearest. Religious, nor social etiquette dictates that you enjoy that experience in a satin two piece and bolero.

Don’t get us wrong, if you have been eagerly anticipating the opportunity for a decent browse in Debenhams, follow your heart dear friend. If, however, the thought of structured midi brings you out in a cold sweat, fear not, we are here to propose an alternative:

  1. Play to your length: The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. If you feel at your best in a mini skirt, or a sweeping floral maxi, or fitted trousers and a top, then follow your gut. There are few things worse than wishing you’d worn something else, particularly on important days. Try Monsoon for trouser suits and jewel bright maxi dresses.
  2. Leave time for experimenting: If you always head for an A Line silhouette, adjusting to a bias cut is going to take some time. Like the idea of exploring new styles but don’t want to spend hours in department stores? Why not invest in ASOS’ £10 for a year’s next day delivery scheme. Trying something new in the comfort of your own home before the pressure sets in is the dream scenario, and returns? They’ve never been so easy!
  3. Don’t get caught in the colour trap: You are not a bridesmaid and are not beholden to a colour scheme. Yes, pastels can be incredibly elegant and co ordinating with the colour scheme is a lovely touch, but if you don’t find yourself turning to blush or sage on a regular shopping trip, don’t feel obliged to adopt them into your palette now! Bright colours can really zing up wedding portraits! For exciting patterns and bold colour contrasts check out Oasis!

By Pip O’Neill

Featured photo: Hana Venn

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